“Fall Waterfalls”

Well the fall has pretty much come and gone, lots of rain and high winds put a quick damper on the Fall Leaf display, I was able to get a few shots but didn’t even close to what I had planned on getting this year.  I was able to make a quick trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and I came back with a few nice shots. The leaf display here never really lived up to the expectations that I had for them this year,shows what I know, and the high winds and rain took them out before I even had a chance to really get out and work them.

But all in all it wasn’t a total wash and I got a few shots from here in Madison Indiana, Clifty Falls State Park and the GSMNP, so as time permits I will share them here with you and if you have any time, I would love any feedback you could add to them.

This shot came from Littler Clifty Falls, I had some limbs in the FG that were impossible to move or clone out so I am hoping that don’t hurt the image too much. I also had to shoot from the walkway along the top of the falls and could only get an over the edge type of perspective, which I thought added a neat touch to the scene, we had a lot of rain their night before which stained the water a  bit and had knocked many of the leaves down. The light was really nice when I shot this, there was a strong yellow light that seemed to envelope the entire gorge and surrounding woods due to all the leaves that had that as a predominate color.

This was about the best day that I got to shoot, nice overcast skies and very little wind made for idea shooting conditions that day, one upside from all the rain meant water levels were high in the park which added to the fall colors.  Hope you enjoy the shot and if you have any feedback I would appreciate you sharing it, thanks for taking a look.

If you click on the image you will get a larger view as well.

Little Clifty Falls fall 1 2009

13 thoughts on ““Fall Waterfalls”

  1. That’s a great image, and I really like the perspective of looking down at the falls because it shows off the leaf colors and especially the rocks. (Of course I like to photograph from high places anyway.)

  2. Hi Bernie. Nice color and nice smooth flow. Waterfalls are great to shoot this time of year. I have some identical images made in summer and fall and the fall images are much nicer. That said, I do generally prefer shot from the bottom of falls looking up. But sometimes it just isn’t possible.

  3. Very nice fall shot Bernie! I think that you captured the mood pretty well considering weather conditions that you describe. The view in this shot is unique for me because we have similar woods here but not with such high waterfalls or at least I never visited such a place. It’s beautiful and I’m looking forward seeing more.

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