“Swine Flu and Photography”

Now was that a catchy title or what..

I guess my family has now joined the exclusive worldwide Swine Flu club this past weekend. I say guess because we were told by the Doctor he was positive we had it but the test came back negative(go figure) so now after plunking down a lot cash we now have Tami Flu as part of our dietary regiment.  High temps, body aches and being lethargic(my wife always calls me that and now I know what it means) was the big giveaway symptoms so I will go with the medical establishment and take their advice.

I looks like my son and I will be spending a lot quality time watching Sponge Bob Square pants and Star Wars over the next few days and generally being lethargic. The bad part is no photography either and wouldn’t it figure that the weather has been and remains absolutely perfect for the first time in weeks and I will be stuck in the house !!

Seriously though I am really not making light of this subject I know there are a lot of people who contacted this virus and become seriously ill or even died and I am not making fun of that at all, it’s just with all the media hype and fear that has been associated with this I knew when we got it(we always catch everything) I would have to write a post about the experience just to let people know it will be alright and you will get thru it.

And hopefully my family and I will not suffer any complications from it and can move on with our life and get ready to take on whatever new calamity will be coming our way !!

Oh and for the photography part of the title, with a little down time on my hands I think I might get caught up on all the images I have gotten behind on. I shot this one of The Broadway Fountain in Madison Indiana not long ago I went with a horizontal comp just to try something a little different any thoughts or suggestions would be great !

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

For best viewing click on the image !!

Madison Fall 1 2009


24 thoughts on ““Swine Flu and Photography”

  1. Tomas Turecek

    I’m really sorry to hear that you caught it and also happy that so far it has so mild progress. Doctors say that it has almost the same symptomps as common flu and they are much more afraid of mutation of swine flu with a bird flu. Wish you quick remedy! Regarding the image: I really like the contrast between cool blue/turqouise colour and the amazing “fire” in the background. I don’t know why but I find also the subject and colour combination very appealing.

  2. Preston Surface

    I remember once when Anna, myself, and our daughter were all sick with the flu and a neighbor came by and brought us all sorts of juices and things like that.

    The photo is fantastic and has a 3d effect with the blurred background. what I would find interesting is if you could add noise to the blurred part and clone in the main part as is.

  3. Carol Mattingly

    While you are laid up getting better but being lethargic, take a peek at my blog. I like your blog and especially your waterfall images. Get well. Carol

    PS Had the flu myself last week, not the swine kind, the normal kind. Still not 100%. You’ll get there!

  4. edvatza

    Hope you feel better. For what its worth, I came back from the workshop in Ohio with it. I made it through the workshop just fine and then the last night I got the fever, chills, body aches. I had to drive six hours across Pennsylvania traveling from rest area to rest area.

    I think the thing I like most about this image is the color combination. Very pleasing to my eye.

  5. Scott Thomas Photography

    I like the photo. Zeroing in on little details makes for good studies of subjects.

    BTW, as long as you are working on photos, have any from last November (or this year’s) you could share for my assignment I posted today? 😉

  6. The Right Blue

    So sorry to hear that the H1N1 bug has invaded your household, Bernie. Just take it easy and get well — all of you. Photography and your blog will still be there after you have fully recovered and feel more like yourself.

    Take care.


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