“The Butterfly Flu”

Wouldn’t that be a much nicer name for this crap I am putting up with !!

Day 4 of the Swine Flu(I guess)experience, my son seems a bit better and now old dad is feeling his age. Best way to describe it is like having someone with a ball bat taking practice on your chest. I am either hot or cold  and the cough sounds like someone is strangling a seal !!

The good news is”‘CODEINE” what a wonderful invention, the only problem is I can’t operate heavy machinery while I am under its influence, so there goes that combine ride I was going to take later tonight.  I am actually starting to acquire a taste for Spongebob now, I think Patrick is my favorite character though, with the drugs and sickness influencing my mind I am now starting to compare the characters on Spongebob with people I actually know !!  I won’t share these with you but it has definitely helped with all this down time I am experiencing !

I found some butterfly shots I thought might brighten someones day(not mine) but at least it is something bright and cheery, and  no one can say I wasn’t trying to be positive !. I shot some of these late last summer while visiting my sister, I always love going there her husband makes the best wine, and I like visiting her as well !!

Shooting butterflies is not an easy task and people who consistently get great shots are to be applauded. This one has a bright spot in the left corner but for my first attempts I was pretty encouraged. I tried to stay away from flash by cranking up the iso and shooting in jpeg, but when all was said and done the flash seemed to be the best approach.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!



21 thoughts on ““The Butterfly Flu”

  1. Tomas Turecek

    A really lovely shot, Bernie. With a little bit more blurred background it would be perfect. Still a great image!

    To your health conditions, I’m really glad to read that you take it with humour because everything is easier with good amount of it. I hope that you’ll feel better soon and you’ll be able to get outside.

  2. Mark

    Hope you feel better soon Bernie. Enough wine should knock that right out of your system – so I think the butterfly is particularly symbolic and you need to make a trip.

  3. edvatza

    Well you posted this two days ago so hopefully you are starting to fell better by now. It lasted about a week for me but I am still having problems with cough keeping me up nights.

    I really like this image. The butterfly looks great and I like the composition – the triangle of a flower, the angle of the butterfly, the background are are great. Can you please ask the butterfly to not stick his tongue out at the camera. Very childish! ;^)

  4. David

    Bernie! You are writing such interesting stuff these days. Pain makes us better writers and artists in general don’t you think? And isn’t it worth all the suffering? Or maybe I should wait until you are feeling a little better to ask you that question.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. forestrat

    Me, I’m a Squidward man. I’m just working my day job in computers until my photo career takes off. My wife is making me a button that says “I’d really rather not be here right now” so I can wear it to work. I am Squidward!

    Nice photo by the way.



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