“Survived the Swine Flu”

After ten days and countless hours in bed I think I have finally put the worst behind me, if they were right and  my son and I both had the swine flu I will have to disagree  with the assertion that it is harder on the young than the old, my son struggled with it a bit but it put me down really hard !!

I hope this puts to an end the flu season for me and my family but I know the odds of that happening are slim to none, after a couple of years of relatively flu free winters this could end up being a nasty year !!  So now it’s wait and see what next strain will come calling and how bad it will be, it doesn’t help that my son is in Elementary School, my wife works in a hospital and I coach High School Basketball. Can’t run and hide from it when you have that many possible exposures !!

Moving on to something a little more pleasant Scott Thomas at http://stphoto.wordpress.com/ has a monthly assignment on his blog, and this months assignment is what November means to you and to me it means fall color !!

I shot this one a few November’s back and really loved the curve in the creek and the colorful leaves sprinkled all thru out the image. Take a look at Scott’s Blog there is a lot of great shots there and some very informative posts. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look hope you stay healthy and flu free this year !!

Zenfolio | BFK Photography


22 thoughts on ““Survived the Swine Flu”

  1. Lana

    Great shot! I’m so glad you’re both better–I can’t imagine how horrible you must have felt. I count my blessings that we’ve managed to avoid it (particularly w/hubby working at a University & me at the local, public library.)

  2. Tomas Turecek

    Bernie, I’m really glad that you’re both feeling well again and wish you to stay in good health for long time!
    I like the photo, both the curve and colourful leaves are lovely.

  3. edvatza

    First off, I’m glad you are felling better. I was hit on 10/25 and still have the lingering cough. Now my wife is down with something – not sure its flu though.

    I find that I have a hard time following the flow of the water in the stream I think because my eye keeps being attracted to those bright colorful leaves on the rock at bottom center. They keep holding my attention.

  4. Anna Surface

    Bernie, I’m glad you are feeling better and coming back to life. So far, so good as we haven’t been bitten by the bug. This is a beautiful capture. I love the composition with a few bright leaves along the flow.

  5. Artist Boyd Greene

    Bernie, I sure hate to hear that you have the flu but I’m glad you are on the mend. It has really been bad where I live.

    As always you have a lot of great photos.

    I love the butterfly you captured at your sister’s house.

    Great vision on this shot as well.

    I hope your season goes really well!

  6. The Right Blue

    Hi Bernie. Hope you and your son are 100% better by now, and that no one else in your household has fallen ill.

    Best wishes for a happy holiday season, and a wonderful new year.

    P.S. I’m with Adam, above. That S curve is classic!


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