“Merry Christmas”

Sorry I haven’t posted for the last month but when I went back to coaching basketball my time has been pretty much spent between work and the gym so photography has to take a back seat for now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying the start to your holidays, I just wanted to take the time to wish everyone a  Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday, whatever you and yours celebrate I hope is a joyous occasion.

I thought I might share an old shot of Ringwald Falls located in Madison Indiana, I hope it puts you in a festive mood for the Holidays, and I also hope you have a wonderful Christmas and you can spend time with the people you love !!

Merry Christmas !!!!

Zenfolio | BFK Photography


16 thoughts on ““Merry Christmas”

  1. asmalltowndad

    Nice shot, but not really ready for the southern Indiana ice after last year. We had families staying with us due to no power and trees and limbs snapped everywhere. I enjoy it for Christmas but after that… give me spring!


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