“Madison Milton Bridge”

Since the countdown has begun on the removal of the Madison Milton Bridge I thought I might share another image of the structure. I shot this one foggy morning last summer, deciding just to emphasize a part of the span that crosses the Ohio River.  This bridge has offered me many beautiful artistic views , just not when I am crossing over it, and has actually created a lot of sales for me as well. It looks like the spring of 2011 will be the end of the line for this old beauty, it has served the area well and kept movement between Indiana and Kentucky running relatively smoothly for the last 80 years.

I have been very busy lately with basketball(which is drawing near an end) and I have also went back to work full-time as well. I have spent the last ten years as a stay at home dad but as my son begins his trek towards his teen age years  I decided it is time to make plans for the future. If that is not enough I have also went together with another photographer friend and we are starting a photo business here in Madison, we have rented a building downtown and are now in the process of getting it setup, I will bring you more details on that in the coming weeks.

So hopefully I can squeeze in some time for this blog now and then and keep up with whats going on with everyone that stops by, take care and hope you have a great day !!

Click on image for best view.

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20 thoughts on ““Madison Milton Bridge”

  1. All the times I’ve been to Madison, and as much as I love steel-truss bridges, and I’ve never driven over this one! I’ll have to make a trip down there this year just to drive it.

  2. Good luck w/the new business!
    I hear you about losing the bridge. When I learned that Yankee stadium was going to be demolished, it was like a piece of my childhood was being taken away…

  3. Sounds like an exciting albeit potentially stressful time, Bernie. Good luck with all the endeavors. I am sure they will all turn out well. Excellent bridge image as you bridge into the future.

  4. Love the foggy background beyond the old bridge. Lots of changes. Very symbolic too, of crosses from past to future. Best wishes – if I ever drive through Madison, I’ll look for your shingle!

  5. Good luck on the new photo business Bernie and with your career. Being a stay-at-home dad must have been rewarding. My mom loves thinking back to those days when she was a stay-at-home mom. She only went back to work because my dad went on disability 12 years ago. My brother was about to enter his teen years also back then while I had just started college.

    Great photo btw. Beautiful bridge. Wish I had gotten an image of it when I was there.

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