“Winter Barn”

I actually got to spend a couple hours outside today and got a few images from the snow we received today, it wasn’t a huge storm by any means , but just enough to give our dull winter landscape some life !!

My son and I took our 4 wheel drive out thru the countryside looking for anything that caught our eyes, the sky and light were pretty flat so we really didn’t capture anything striking, but did come up with a couple good shots. I came across this old barn that looked like it had weathered quite a few snows in its life so I thought it might make for an interesting image.

Since the scene was mostly monotone anyway I decided to do a B&W conversion for a more dramatic effect, I would have loved to move in closer to get a few shots of the wood siding on the barn but I didn’t know who owned it and wasn’t in the mood to be chased out of a field today !!

I also came across a few stream images that weren’ too bad and I will try to share some of them with you later. Basketball is really winding down now and we are working hard on the new studio and hope to be in there by March. It was really nice to get out and shoot today, it will be great when I get more time to pursue photography again and be able to spend more time outdoors.

This image is really compressed so you need to click on it to ge the best view !!


16 thoughts on ““Winter Barn”

  1. Tomas Turecek

    Aaah, it must be great to get out to nature and enjoy the winter in its full beauty. I’m too lazy and too tired every day after work to get out. It’s so much easier to buy some flowers and photograph them at home 🙂 Nice shot, Bernie!

  2. Mark

    I like the interaction here between the bare tree and the wood of the barn Bernie. Nice job. Although barn wood closeups are always pretty cool, I think this works well as the larger scene.

  3. edvatza

    Really like the composition here, Bernie. At first, I was feeling the barn lean to the left but given the looks of that barn, it probably is. Adam, immediately above, mentioned the blue tone. My initial impression was that maybe there was just a bit too much blue tone. I’d like to see the snow a bit whiter.


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