” Madison Indiana Main Street Snow at Night “

I am just about over all this snow for one year, we have had about 18-20 inches in the last week, a couple snowstorms is nice but this is getting ridiculous !!  I would love to get out into the countryside to get a few landscape shots but they have us on this Level One emergency which means authorized vehicles only whatever that means, considering I saw a lot of unauthorized vehicles traveling up and down Main Street tonight I might just venture out tomorrow.

So tonight I thought I might just take a walk down on Main Street here in Madison Indiana and play around with some real long exposure shots of the cars moving up and down the street. I  captured about 50 images and after a long look came away with a couple shots I kinda liked, here is on of the shots I kept, this was a 15 second exposure and it does have a pretty cool look to it.

It’s funny all the looks you get from people as they drive by, I am sure they were wondering what I was up to. It was rather fun standing on Main Street with my tripod and camera pointing it at the cars as they went by. The looks I got were definitely worth standing in the snow and cold !!

You need to click on the image for the larger view !!


14 thoughts on “” Madison Indiana Main Street Snow at Night “

    1. Bernie Kasper Post author

      Rusty..Thanks for the compliment and for stopping by my blog I will link your site to my blog.

      I am just starting to add people to my other work, I am working with another photographer right now and we are opening a studio on main street, should be in by March, if you need anything let me know.

  1. edvatza

    I don’t know. That is one big coffee and tea store you have there! 😎 The long exposure is excellent here, Bernie. Love the light it has allowed to you capture. WOnderful winter scene.

  2. Preston

    I clicked on your image and really enjoyed the large view. So clear and crisp with miles of depth to it. I know what you are talking about as far as folks looking at you. Anna and I carry cards to hand out when people ask. Once they get a card, they start telling us all sorts of things about the subject we are taking photos of.


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