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“More Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

Since I am in the mood to post something, here is another view of some of the Bloodroot images I got earlier this week, with this one I got extremely close to the bloom itself and didn’t particularly go after the whole flower.  With shots like this you better make sure you have a sturdy tripod and a lot of patience which I only have one of, would you like to guess which one, or you could be in for a tough time shooting  these little gems.

When I shot this one I had to stand along a hillside so I could lower my tripod to within  8-10 inches of the bloom itself which was no easy task  from where I was standing.  But if you are after a shot like this you are going to have to get down and dirty with your subject if you want to get a quality shot, wildflowers are never easy and I think I like it that way !!

Positioning is just one of the many problems you deal with, throw in the wind, rain,too much light or too little, cold, heat… you get my drift by now.  All these things make wildflowers a joy as well as pain to shoot, but when you get that shot you definitely feel like you have accomplished something special.

If you go out in search of that perfect wildflower shot this spring  bring a good tripod and a bit of patience and luck and just enjoy the experience it is definitely worth the effort !!

Thanks for stopping by and once again click on the image for the better view it is worth it.


“Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

Well I thought by now I would be showing you some shots of the new studio but as with everything else in life things seem to go slower than you hope for, but it is close I promise.

So today instead of working in the studio my wife and son decided it would be a great day to get out to Clifty Falls State Park for a much-needed hike, so I packed up the camera bag and headed out. Clifty Falls is one my favorite destinations for wildflowers here in Southern Indiana, personally I don’t think there is a better place in Indiana or Northern Kentucky to find such a wide array of wonderful spring flowers. Nearly all of my wildflower images have come from the park and I have found quite a nice comfort zone walking the trails and canyons each spring in search of these beautiful little subjects.

We haven’t really had a real warm spring so I wasn’t really too excited when we set out, but after a long hike down one the parks lovely trails I did manage to come across  a few early varieties of wildflowers.  I am always usually too late to get any nice shots of the Bloodroot flowers but this year because of this early hike I did come across a very nice patch of these beautiful little gems.

The wind as always made shooting them a very tricky proposition but the breaks between gusts weren’t very  long and I was able to come up with a couple of nice comps. This shot I am posting was my favorite, I really liked how the bloom had pushed its way up thru these wonderful green leafs which made for a beautiful contrast. It was definitely worth the effort to get out and shoot again, but as always that first hike into the woods after the long winter was a little tough and I definitely am feeling my age right now !!

It looks like once we start getting some warmer temps and a little rain we should really see an explosion of color in our hillsides and gorges that grace this beautiful part of the state of Indiana. I just hope with all the things I have got going right now I will still find time to get out and enjoy it, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

Click on image for larger version, it is definitely worth it !!

“Spring Wildflowers and Coolpicsphotography”

Funny title for a post but it pretty much sums up how I will be spending the next few weeks. The first part is pretty much  a known fact that my favorite time of the year is spring because of the beautiful  wildflower display that is about ready to roll out its annual show. The second part is something new on my part and that is the opening of a studio gallery with long time  friend and fellow  photographer Jimmy Terrell, and as I am sure you have surmised that the name we have adopted as our business title  is Coolpicsphotography.

My next post should finally be able to reveal all the details and location of the studio that we have opened here in Madison Indiana, and I will share a few photos of the work that we have done and explain our services as well.

Getting back to the wildflower part of the title…The time is just about upon us when the hills and canyons of Southern Indiana come alive with all the beautiful flowers that  make spring such a special time here in Madison. After the long harsh winter that we have just endured the colors and wonderful scent of flowers will be a welcome relief. I am posting an image of a Trillium that I shot last year at Clifty Falls State Park one warm spring afternoon, Clifty Falls is one of my favorite wildflower destinations, but any of the woodlots or hillsides that dot our countryside will hold beautiful displays of flowers.

I have a feeling it is going to be a busy spring for me this year, hopefully I will be able to get out and shoot along with the opening of our studio, I am sure some way I will make time for both !!

I hope  you have a great day and can make the time to get out and enjoy the warm spring weather and beautiful wildflowers as well.

“Winter Creek”

I am actually going to post another shot, usually it takes me about three weeks, but I am stuck at home waiting for a repairman to fix something and I have a few minutes so it is !!

Another image from a recent snowstorm, I believe we got about 12 inches the night before I shot this one, and I happened to be out riding around in my four-wheel drive truck (I know I wasn’t supposed to) but how could I pass up the photo opportunities !  This image was taken from a bridge that spans Big Creek in the Northern part of Jefferson County Indiana near Madison, due to the monochrome color in the landscape I went ahead and converted to B&W in CS4 to get the final outcome.

Hope you enjoy it.. I definitely enjoyed being out in the snow getting it but after this winter I would be much happier if we only get a snow or two a year from now on, not asking for much am I !!

Hope your day is going well, and once again because of compression this is much better viewed after you click on the image !!

“Madison Indiana Winter-J.F.D Lanier Mansion”

Hope everyone is doing well, basketball is finally over and I am working at a fast pace trying to get our photography studio up and running over the next few weeks. Winter has been a bear and it looks like it still isn’t going to release its icy hold on us just yet, it’s hard to belive that last year in the second week of March I was shooting wildflowers at Clifty Falls State Park here in Madison Indiana, and I will be thrilled when I can actually get out and shoot some this year !!

I thought I might share another image from one of our many snowstorms we had to endure this year, I actually used to like getting out and shooting images in the snow but as I get older I find myself disliking winter more every year.  This is an image of the J.F.D Lanier Mansion it is the home of the financier who loaned money to the state of Indiana to save it from bankruptcy and to enable the state to support troops for the Civil War. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1994, this 1844 Greek Revival mansion was designed by architect Francis Costigan for financier and railroad magnate James F.D. Lanier.

I have shot many images of this beautiful old home and for some reason I never seem to tire of it, if you ever get a chance to come to Madison Indiana this would definitely be a top place for you to visit on your trip.

Hopefully in one of my next few posts I might be able to show you how the studio is coming along and give you a time when we will finally be up and running. It has definitely been tough trying  to set everything up, mostly on time constraint problems, there just never seems to be enough time in a day to get things done…Oh well I hope you will have a great week and we can finally get winter behind us  and get spring started soon !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and for a better view just click on the image !!