“Winter Creek”

I am actually going to post another shot, usually it takes me about three weeks, but I am stuck at home waiting for a repairman to fix something and I have a few minutes so ..here it is !!

Another image from a recent snowstorm, I believe we got about 12 inches the night before I shot this one, and I happened to be out riding around in my four-wheel drive truck (I know I wasn’t supposed to) but how could I pass up the photo opportunities !  This image was taken from a bridge that spans Big Creek in the Northern part of Jefferson County Indiana near Madison, due to the monochrome color in the landscape I went ahead and converted to B&W in CS4 to get the final outcome.

Hope you enjoy it.. I definitely enjoyed being out in the snow getting it but after this winter I would be much happier if we only get a snow or two a year from now on, not asking for much am I !!

Hope your day is going well, and once again because of compression this is much better viewed after you click on the image !!


12 thoughts on ““Winter Creek”

  1. Tom @ Ohio Nature

    Bernie- This is a great image. I’m attracted to the fallen, snow covered tree resting in the river. I drive a lowered Toyota Corolla with about 4 inches of ground clearance. I’m jealous of your winter driving capabilities.


  2. Scott Thomas Photography

    Would be nice to paddle down in a canoe. Very calm and quiet looking.

    Question…the sky is totally gone here. Did you try to get sky detail or just let it fade out? Looks like an old time newspaper photo.

  3. nix74

    Really is a good decision to convert this winter shot to black and white. It just bring out the contrast of winter. I wonder will it look better if the reflection on the river can be clearer.

  4. Lana

    Wow. That’s just lovely. The b/w works so well. Fortunately we’re at 65F today w/lots of sun. I was starting to lose hope!


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