“Spring Wildflowers and Coolpicsphotography”

Funny title for a post but it pretty much sums up how I will be spending the next few weeks. The first part is pretty much  a known fact that my favorite time of the year is spring because of the beautiful  wildflower display that is about ready to roll out its annual show. The second part is something new on my part and that is the opening of a studio gallery with long time  friend and fellow  photographer Jimmy Terrell, and as I am sure you have surmised that the name we have adopted as our business title  is Coolpicsphotography.

My next post should finally be able to reveal all the details and location of the studio that we have opened here in Madison Indiana, and I will share a few photos of the work that we have done and explain our services as well.

Getting back to the wildflower part of the title…The time is just about upon us when the hills and canyons of Southern Indiana come alive with all the beautiful flowers that  make spring such a special time here in Madison. After the long harsh winter that we have just endured the colors and wonderful scent of flowers will be a welcome relief. I am posting an image of a Trillium that I shot last year at Clifty Falls State Park one warm spring afternoon, Clifty Falls is one of my favorite wildflower destinations, but any of the woodlots or hillsides that dot our countryside will hold beautiful displays of flowers.

I have a feeling it is going to be a busy spring for me this year, hopefully I will be able to get out and shoot along with the opening of our studio, I am sure some way I will make time for both !!

I hope  you have a great day and can make the time to get out and enjoy the warm spring weather and beautiful wildflowers as well.


17 thoughts on ““Spring Wildflowers and Coolpicsphotography”

  1. montucky

    I wish you the best of luck with your studio, Bernie! I will be interested in hearing about it.

    That is an outstanding trillium shot! I can hardly wait for them to bloom here, but that will be in May.

  2. Lana

    Lovely shot, of course. Good luck with coolpicsphotography! I’d love to stop in someday. I’ll keep you in mind if ever I’m up your way. 🙂

  3. Lana

    Wonderful trillium! We used to have these in Canada (they’re the Provincial flower of Ontario, actually.) I don’t see them anymore.

  4. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, how’s life treating you? Your images are like dessert. I love treating myself to one every now and then, and this was not disappointing! Stunning work, as always.


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