“Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

Well I thought by now I would be showing you some shots of the new studio but as with everything else in life things seem to go slower than you hope for, but it is close I promise.

So today instead of working in the studio my wife and son decided it would be a great day to get out to Clifty Falls State Park for a much-needed hike, so I packed up the camera bag and headed out. Clifty Falls is one my favorite destinations for wildflowers here in Southern Indiana, personally I don’t think there is a better place in Indiana or Northern Kentucky to find such a wide array of wonderful spring flowers. Nearly all of my wildflower images have come from the park and I have found quite a nice comfort zone walking the trails and canyons each spring in search of these beautiful little subjects.

We haven’t really had a real warm spring so I wasn’t really too excited when we set out, but after a long hike down one the parks lovely trails I did manage to come across  a few early varieties of wildflowers.  I am always usually too late to get any nice shots of the Bloodroot flowers but this year because of this early hike I did come across a very nice patch of these beautiful little gems.

The wind as always made shooting them a very tricky proposition but the breaks between gusts weren’t very  long and I was able to come up with a couple of nice comps. This shot I am posting was my favorite, I really liked how the bloom had pushed its way up thru these wonderful green leafs which made for a beautiful contrast. It was definitely worth the effort to get out and shoot again, but as always that first hike into the woods after the long winter was a little tough and I definitely am feeling my age right now !!

It looks like once we start getting some warmer temps and a little rain we should really see an explosion of color in our hillsides and gorges that grace this beautiful part of the state of Indiana. I just hope with all the things I have got going right now I will still find time to get out and enjoy it, thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

Click on image for larger version, it is definitely worth it !!


25 thoughts on ““Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

  1. Mark

    I really love the richness of this image Bernie. Very well done. Nicely composed – the leaves are excellent supporting elements here.

  2. montucky

    Bernie, you just have to get out and enjoy the spring wildflowers!
    This is an outstanding image and a beautiful wildflower! I see they do not grow as far west as Montana, but somewhat resemble a Queen’s Cup that we do have here.

  3. Lana

    That’s a great shot, hon! I bow to the master…
    We’re starting to see some of our yard flowers (tiny, white violets, etc.) March is “azalea month” here in our town (which is known for them. Unfortunately the cold & whatnot seem to have thrown things off this year. Only one bush in the whole town has bloomed so far. I wonder if what I deem “magnolia month” (May) is also going to be so affected.

  4. Nina

    Beautiful! What a cheery little young flower amongst the older greener growth. Like a little duck peeking out from under the elder’s wing.

  5. matt haines

    I don’t usually have much patience for flower photography, but that second one is really stunning! I like how you’ve retained just the tiniest bit of shadow detail down below, with the edge of some leaves, so it doesn’t go totally inky black. And the fact that the flower is set among a backdrop of leaves like that…moves it beyond the single-flower shot so typical of the genre. Nice work indeed!


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