“More Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

Since I am in the mood to post something, here is another view of some of the Bloodroot images I got earlier this week, with this one I got extremely close to the bloom itself and didn’t particularly go after the whole flower.  With shots like this you better make sure you have a sturdy tripod and a lot of patience which I only have one of, would you like to guess which one, or you could be in for a tough time shooting  these little gems.

When I shot this one I had to stand along a hillside so I could lower my tripod to within  8-10 inches of the bloom itself which was no easy task  from where I was standing.  But if you are after a shot like this you are going to have to get down and dirty with your subject if you want to get a quality shot, wildflowers are never easy and I think I like it that way !!

Positioning is just one of the many problems you deal with, throw in the wind, rain,too much light or too little, cold, heat… you get my drift by now.  All these things make wildflowers a joy as well as pain to shoot, but when you get that shot you definitely feel like you have accomplished something special.

If you go out in search of that perfect wildflower shot this spring  bring a good tripod and a bit of patience and luck and just enjoy the experience it is definitely worth the effort !!

Thanks for stopping by and once again click on the image for the better view it is worth it.


11 thoughts on ““More Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

  1. nix74

    Agree with you that the most difficult part of photographing flowers in close up or macro is to deal with wind movement and lighting. Even though with a very steady hand, without a tripod is still a challenge to archive good results. Therefore just have to get used with bringing a tripod along when ever going for any nature or flower photography.

  2. Tomas Turecek

    Beautiful close-up shot, Bernie. I like the hint of the stem which is anchoring the blossom in the image. It sound like you really enjoy shooting wild flowers 😉

  3. edvatza

    Excellent image, Bernie. I like the way you zoomed right in on this one. There is always something special about the early spring flowers. We’re still behind here. We were out Saturday and Sunday but nothing to speak of yet.

  4. Photo Buffet

    I needed a Bernie fix, and your work never disappoints. Your wildflowers are such favorites, it would be impossible to choose just one. You live in a beautiful part of the world, especially in Springtime.


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