” Wedding Photography”

I got to shoot a  wedding this past weekend for a couple of great people, one of who works with my wife, I won’t use their names  but someone who visits here might know them.  The wedding was held at a beautiful estate that overlooks the Ohio River, it was a lovely ceremony with a lot of old and new friends alike in attendance.

Except for botching a shot or two I think I came away with some beautiful images, I really love shooting outside weddings there is absolutely no replacement for natural light, I feel the same about shooting wildflowers that is why I have always tried to stay away from shooting them with flash. I know I will have to use some flash with weddings especially indoors but I am really going to try using natural light as much as possible.

This is an image of the bride, I really loved the light and how it played thru the trees, it added a wonderful touch to an already beautiful bride. I took many photos of her and the people involved and I really think this came out well.

So I think and I never thought I would say this but I really enjoyed the shoot, I am sure my day will come when I blow it but for now I am beginning to like this new gig !!

Now hopefully there will be more room for Wedding photographers here in Madison Indiana.

Once again you have to click on this image to really appreciate it !!


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