“More Wedding Fun”

Couldn’t resist posting another shot from this wedding, I really enjoy the more laid back images that come after the ceremony and everyone has made it thru without falling apart, and there is no better way to portray that fun than a good B&W conversion.

You can see the relief and joy in their faces as they work their way to the reception to visit with family and friends, I know that feeling because I felt the same way, it turned out to be a great night for the bride and groom as well as all their guests.

Hope you enjoy the shot and if you ever need a wedding or any other photographic service just get in touch and I will help you out, I am located in the Madison Indiana area you can call me at 812-701-3415.

Thanks for stopping by and as always click on the image for best viewing !!


3 thoughts on ““More Wedding Fun”

  1. Photo Buffet

    Bernie, you have become quite the wedding photographer! I’m awed by your work. Love the B/W conversion, and the framing of this picture. Remember when nobody used the “tilt”? Boring pics back then! You’ve really got a gift there, and it’s been fun watching it grow.

  2. Lana

    Nice shot. You can really feel the happiness here, stress-free, as you mention. I do hope you find time to “just” go hike again soon. I think we all need that to keep us sane.

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