“Cades Cove Sunrise”

What a  great day nothing to do but lay around for once, watch football and eat, don’t get many days like this.  Just finished editing another wedding, ready to start another one and getting ready for the Madison Indiana Chautauqua next Saturday as well.

But like a true photographer I thought now was as good as a time as any too post a image from a trip to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park from this past summer. This was a shot from a beautiful summer sunrise from Cades Cove, the light was really sweet that morning and it was a wonderful day to be out early in the cove !!

This isn’t the first time I have shot this tree but it was the first with the light playing out as it did, I kinda liked the surreal effect the light had on the tree and how it left such a golden hue across the landscape. There are not many places that I have visited that are as beautiful as Cades Cove especially in the morning, it is a definite must for any photographers out there looking for a wide array of photographic elements.

From the bears and deer to the vivid fall colors and the wonderful spring wildflowers, throw in the fog and other climactic elements and you can see why it is such a amazing place to to set up a tripod and spend a day or two shooting !!

So now it’s back to the Indianapolis Colts and they are still leading comfortably into the third quarter hope you have a great start to your week and as usual click on the image for best view !!


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