“Great News about The Madison Milton Bridge”

The Madison Milton Bridge that was slated to be torn down in the next year, has just been giving a new lease on life in the last few minutes !!

It was just announced on IN.GOV Website by the Mitch Daniels Governor of Indiana, that the winning bid has been approved and the contractor is actually going to have the job done in TEN DAYS !!

Governor Daniels: News Releases – IN.gov: Home

If they can pull this off it would be somewhat of a minor miracle considering that we have been told all along that it would take a year or more and that it could economically devastate our community for  the duration of the project.

Madison Indiana along with Milton Kentucky definitely need this shot in the arm, hopefully it pans out and they can get the job done !!!!


3 thoughts on ““Great News about The Madison Milton Bridge”

  1. SimonLittell

    Great photos. It is breathtaking. The time and the scenic view of the Madison Milton Bridge is a work of a pro. The color of the sky plus the every little details compliment with each other. Superb work of art.

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