“Madison Indiana Fall Fountain”

With all the weddings and portrait shots I have been doing most of the summer it was great to finally get out and shoot something in the natural world for a change. Now I know that this shot and the praying mantis in the post before weren’t exactly high in the Great Smoky Mountains but for now it was wonderful just to get outside and shoot something a little different !!

I couldn’t resist about the one thousandth shot of the Madison Broadway Fountain, but this time I chose to¬† to isolate the lovely lady on the top against the beautiful fall foliage that is beginning to grace Southern Indiana. I really liked how the beautiful turquoise color of the statue contrasted so well against the vivid fall colors, and the water droplets added a neat touch as well.

Once again I will be doing some family shots this weekend but I think I might try to sneak in a few shots of the beautiful fall colors and whatever else I might stumble across, thanks again for stopping by and for best viewing click on the image for the larger size !!