“Madison Indiana Winter”

Not too depress anybody but tonight’s weather forecast actually calls for snow flurries …are you ready for winter yet ?

Actually for once I am ready for winter, after a hot dry summer followed by a dry fall as well, the photographic opportunities just weren’t there this year, so if we could just get thru winter without it being below zero and we don’t have any major ice..not like in this image I will be ready for all the snow nature can deliver !!

I know I can’t pick and choose but hey it doesn’t hurt to ask does it ?

Last years winter here in Madison was long and cold, we had a few nice snows but nothing to get too excited over, I am not a fan of the cold but I sure do love too photograph out in the snow.  Snow and ice add a beautiful touch to any landscape image, especially after a long fall and winter where the landscape has that “‘dead zone” feel too it.

Now I am not after one of those snows you measure in feet instead of inches mind you, but a nice 6-8 inch snowfall once a week wouldn’t hurt anything..would it ?

A guy can dream can’t he, but with my luck it will probably fall below zero for a month and we won’t get no more than dusting of snow just to teach me a lesson !!

So just to get you ready for the real thing here is a image of some sort of berries that happened to be covered in a layer of ice, which I thought came out kinda of cool…get it kinda cool !!

That was bad, hope you enjoy the image and for a better view click on the pic for the larger size. Thanks for stopping by and I hope I don’t ruin the winter for everybody   😉


8 thoughts on ““Madison Indiana Winter”

  1. montucky

    Great shot of the berries! I pretty much agree with your wishes for winter. I can tolerate the zero degree temps, but not the -20’s, and we could sure use a bunch of snow this winter, especially at the high elevations. Now, if it would start out with a couple of feet at Glacier, I’ve found a couple of snowshoe trails that I’m anxious to try out.

  2. Virginia Allain

    This is truly beautiful, a great photo.
    I take my nature photos in warm places so am unlikely to ever capture a shot like this.

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  4. Tera Jones

    I still LOVE this photo… I’ve used it as a desktop background/wallpaper. (NON COMMERCIALLY – home use). It really captures the winter season and all it’s beauty. Breathtaking picture.


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