“Madison Indiana Courthouse Cupola”

Eighteen months after a fire ravaged the Jefferson County Indiana courthouse and destroyed most of the 155 year structure a symbolic piece of the restoration process has been completed.  Even though the bulk of the work remains for the courthouse one of the most visible landmarks in Madison has been placed atop it’s former home overlooking our beautiful community.

Even though it is a prefabricated replica of the original cupola it is still a beautiful fixture in the late evening cityscape. The funny thing about this entire process is that I travel everyday past the courthouse at last 5-6 times and never even noticed it being put back on the courthouse till I actually saw the crane  lifting it in place, tells me how much I pay attention nowadays.  I guess I was getting used to the condition of the courthouse and it’s surrounding property.

Hopefully they can get the entire restoration project finished and everything back to normal or as close as it used to be.

I posted  this image of the Cupola  form a pic I shot last night, I love how the structure was bathed in warm fall light, in contrast I also posted an image of the Cupola as it was being destroyed in the fire just  eighteen months ago.

Hope you enjoy the shots and thanks for stopping by and taking a look.





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