“Madison Winter”

Here is another shot  from my recent work of images taken around my hometown of Madison Indiana. Winter usually adds a touch of beauty to all images but at this point of winter I am ready for a big change in the weather pattern and would like to see the sun shine for a day or two and not have temps below  freezing for a day or two as well !!

The snow has made for some great comps but after a while you kinda get tired of the monotone feel to the environment and long for some beautiful warm spring wildflowers or at least some kinda of greenery to break up this monotonous pattern.

And really the sad thing is it is only the 24th of January which means we are just about halfway thru this long cold winter…Yippie !!!

Oh well at least I got a few nice shots and here is one of my favorites, I took this one right before they closed the area around the Madison Milton Bridge, this is where the new bridge will be prepped for construction. It wasn’t too bad and I had quite a few people here in town liked this shot, it still doesn’t beat a warm sunset on a Florida Beach though !!

I guess I am finished whining about the weather and I better get on with a few things before we get more snow, thanks for stopping by and taking a look and as usual click on the image for best viewing !



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