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“Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

It’s getting closer and closer, everyday I am becoming a little more wild eyed just knowing the woods will soon come alive with wildflowers and I can then escape this cocoon of deary weather we call winter, and  get out and feel the warm spring sun on my face !!

I actually grabbed my son and we headed out on a little scouting excursion to Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana, thinking maybe I might see a hint of spring but we were rewarded with lots of water instead, about 2 inches of rain fell last night and it really filled all the falls and creeks in the park to capacity. I might try to get back there this weekend after the mud clears out of the water and get a few waterfall shots….that makes for  a great time as well.

So just to keep my fires burning here is another spring shot from last year, another cool little plant called Toad-shade  as per Wikipedia

Trillium sessile (Toadshade or Sessile-flowered wake-robin) is a perennial spring wildflower native to the central part of the eastern United States and the Ozarks. It is a small trillium (rarely over 9 cm tall). Toadshade can be distinguished from other trilliums by its single foul smelling, stalkless, flower nestled in the middle of its three leaves. The three maroon petals, maintain a “closed” posture throughout its presence, the petals are occasionally pale green. The leaves are sometimes, but not always mottled with shades of light and dark green. Its species name comes from the Latin word sessilis which means low sitting, and refers to its stalkless flower.

And here is a image I got at Clifty Falls last year, so if you come across this little gem you can now impress your friends with your knowledge of plant identification.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and as always click on the image for best viewing !!


“Virginia Bluebells”

As I sit here staring out the window onto a cold ,wet lifeless landscape my mind can’t help but to wander back to last spring when the woods and hills that surround my home here in Madison Indiana were ablaze with the vibrant colors of early spring !!

The lush greens of the newly emergent foliage along with the beautiful colors of the blooms that adorn them always help to drive away the somber mood of late winter, especially after a long cold winter, bringing with it the anticipation of a warm and welcoming season I have longed far too long for.

Nearly every color is represented by this natural wonder that bestows the valley I live in, from the early season whites of the Bloodroot to the late season red of the Wild Columbine, the color palette of this natural display never seems to disappoint even in bad weather conditions there is still plenty of beautiful color to be photographed !!

If you are a macro photographer there is no better time of year to ply your craft, there is nothing more beautiful than a wildflower bloom freshly conceived from it’s bud and to be able to photograph it in it’s newly formed appearance is an amazing feet to be able to produce and witness.

I photographed this lovely Virgina Bluebell just as it began it’s journey thru it’s life process, from it’s emergence from the soil till it’s ultimate decay and death, I am trully blessed to live in an are where I can witness and photograph such a wonderful process.

Hopefully within a month I will be able to bring you this years edition of the wildflowers of Southern Indiana.  I thought I might leave you with a quote from a wonderful artist by the name of Georgia O’Keeffe who’s flower paintings  are world renowned and is widely viewed as one of Americas greatest artists…

When you take a flower in your hand and really look at it,
it’s your world for the moment. I want to give that world to
someone else.  Most people in the city rush around so,
they have no time to look at a flower.  I want them to see
it whether they want to or not.
–   Georgia O’Keeffe

“Longing for Spring”

Well I can’t stand it anymore, I have put off writing about this beautiful weather for fear of jinxing it and having to deal with more snow and cold, but I now have to admit how wonderful it is outside and how much I am longing for spring weather and wildflowers…there I said it now get ready for the snow of the year !!!  😉

Okay things could be worse and we might not have this little thaw to tease us with but if it gets cold again I think I will go nuts, and I mean real cold not the 30 and 40’s stuff but the real bone chilling temps that put about 20 years on my body and soul this winter !

The crazy thing is in about a month I should begin shooting the early wildflowers that cover the hills and canyons around Madison Indiana, and once again “should” is the key word, a couple of years ago it warmed up early and we ended getting a cold snap in early April that all but wiped out the entire bloom that year…please no repeats of that past performance !!

So in honor of the bout of Spring fever I am about ready to fall into here is an image I shot last year at Clifty Falls State Park, this little jewel is called Larkspur, you usually find it sprinkled in with all the all the other beautiful wildflowers that carpet the hillsides, and it’s vibrant purple color adds a lovely touch to the forest canvas.

Hope you enjoy the image and I really hope that spring will arrive soon and I can get out of the house and into the woods to recharge those creative batteries that get drained over these long cold winters we have had to endure !!

You can click on the image for better viewing and you can also click on my other link for the portrait work I do, thanks for stopping by.

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“More Madison Winter”

I know it’s 70 degrees outside and it’s not like I am complaining or anything but before we actually hit spring (you know winter hasn’t given in yet) I thought I might share a few more winter images from here in my hometown of Madison Indiana.

This has been a long and frustrating winter season, it only snowed when I I couldn’t get out and the times I could it was just plain cold !!

But a couple times I got lucky and was able to produce a image or two that I liked,  these were taken from  different locations from around our area, don’t know if you like the funky angles it’s just something I do to change things up a bit. Playing with a bit of HDR as well I like how it works in some images but alot of times it just doesn’t work well for me.

I actually wouldn’t mind a snow or two before winter is over and if it happens I hope its’ real soon because I am just about ready to get back out into the woods for the spring wildflower show that soon grace the hills and canyons that dot our county. I have said it on more than one occasion and that is the natural area that surrounds Madison has some of the best cover of wildflowers anywhere.

If you get a chance a short hike thru Clifty Falls State Park will reward you with a beautiful display of the many varieties that grow in the Midwest, it’s definitely worth the effort to get out and view them yourself.

Hope you enjoy the images and maybe after a another snow or two we can move on to something a little warmer and colorful then what we have experienced the last few months !!

You can click on the images for best viewing as well..take care !