“More Madison Winter”

I know it’s 70 degrees outside and it’s not like I am complaining or anything but before we actually hit spring (you know winter hasn’t given in yet) I thought I might share a few more winter images from here in my hometown of Madison Indiana.

This has been a long and frustrating winter season, it only snowed when I I couldn’t get out and the times I could it was just plain cold !!

But a couple times I got lucky and was able to produce a image or two that I liked,  these were taken from  different locations from around our area, don’t know if you like the funky angles it’s just something I do to change things up a bit. Playing with a bit of HDR as well I like how it works in some images but alot of times it just doesn’t work well for me.

I actually wouldn’t mind a snow or two before winter is over and if it happens I hope its’ real soon because I am just about ready to get back out into the woods for the spring wildflower show that soon grace the hills and canyons that dot our county. I have said it on more than one occasion and that is the natural area that surrounds Madison has some of the best cover of wildflowers anywhere.

If you get a chance a short hike thru Clifty Falls State Park will reward you with a beautiful display of the many varieties that grow in the Midwest, it’s definitely worth the effort to get out and view them yourself.

Hope you enjoy the images and maybe after a another snow or two we can move on to something a little warmer and colorful then what we have experienced the last few months !!

You can click on the images for best viewing as well..take care !





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