“Longing for Spring”

Well I can’t stand it anymore, I have put off writing about this beautiful weather for fear of jinxing it and having to deal with more snow and cold, but I now have to admit how wonderful it is outside and how much I am longing for spring weather and wildflowers…there I said it now get ready for the snow of the year !!!  😉

Okay things could be worse and we might not have this little thaw to tease us with but if it gets cold again I think I will go nuts, and I mean real cold not the 30 and 40’s stuff but the real bone chilling temps that put about 20 years on my body and soul this winter !

The crazy thing is in about a month I should begin shooting the early wildflowers that cover the hills and canyons around Madison Indiana, and once again “should” is the key word, a couple of years ago it warmed up early and we ended getting a cold snap in early April that all but wiped out the entire bloom that year…please no repeats of that past performance !!

So in honor of the bout of Spring fever I am about ready to fall into here is an image I shot last year at Clifty Falls State Park, this little jewel is called Larkspur, you usually find it sprinkled in with all the all the other beautiful wildflowers that carpet the hillsides, and it’s vibrant purple color adds a lovely touch to the forest canvas.

Hope you enjoy the image and I really hope that spring will arrive soon and I can get out of the house and into the woods to recharge those creative batteries that get drained over these long cold winters we have had to endure !!

You can click on the image for better viewing and you can also click on my other link for the portrait work I do, thanks for stopping by.

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8 thoughts on ““Longing for Spring”

  1. Lana

    So pretty. I think Spring IS starting to rear its head across parts of the U.S…FINALLY! I’ve heard reports of 70s in Washington D.C., & we’re almost at 80F here today. I think the country will breathe a collective sigh once this horrible Winter releases its grip!


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