“Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

It’s getting closer and closer, everyday I am becoming a little more wild eyed just knowing the woods will soon come alive with wildflowers and I can then escape this cocoon of deary weather we call winter, and  get out and feel the warm spring sun on my face !!

I actually grabbed my son and we headed out on a little scouting excursion to Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana, thinking maybe I might see a hint of spring but we were rewarded with lots of water instead, about 2 inches of rain fell last night and it really filled all the falls and creeks in the park to capacity. I might try to get back there this weekend after the mud clears out of the water and get a few waterfall shots….that makes for  a great time as well.

So just to keep my fires burning here is another spring shot from last year, another cool little plant called Toad-shade  as per Wikipedia

Trillium sessile (Toadshade or Sessile-flowered wake-robin) is a perennial spring wildflower native to the central part of the eastern United States and the Ozarks. It is a small trillium (rarely over 9 cm tall). Toadshade can be distinguished from other trilliums by its single foul smelling, stalkless, flower nestled in the middle of its three leaves. The three maroon petals, maintain a “closed” posture throughout its presence, the petals are occasionally pale green. The leaves are sometimes, but not always mottled with shades of light and dark green. Its species name comes from the Latin word sessilis which means low sitting, and refers to its stalkless flower.

And here is a image I got at Clifty Falls last year, so if you come across this little gem you can now impress your friends with your knowledge of plant identification.  Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and as always click on the image for best viewing !!


7 thoughts on ““Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

  1. Bo Mackison

    Ah, I kept looking and looking, thinking it looked a lot like a trillium. THEN I read your post, realized it WAS a trillium. I’ve never seen a Toad shade trillium though. Must have more of a southern habitat. But it’s a gorgeous plant. I would love to get a tight macro of that beauty!

    Yes, I bet you are itching to get out to Clifty and the spring feast of wildflowers!

  2. Charles Gramlich

    I came over from The Dreaming Tree. Lovely, such a delicate shade of black if that can be said. We’ve begun to see some wildflowers here, mostly small white ones so far.

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  4. Mark

    these are really interesting Bernie. You have me now thinking about spring, that’s for sure. It can’t get here soon enough.


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