“Flooded tree on the Ohio River”

Living here in Madison Indiana on the banks of the Ohio River you kinda get used to seeing the river rise every spring, it’s like a tradition, and like any other tradition you have to participate in you get to make your way to the river walk and watch the Big O spill out onto Vaughn drive and leave a wonderful variety of debris and garbage all along the length of the river front.

I walked down tonight with my wife and son to take part in said tradition and found out exactly what I thought I would find…. lots of debris and garbage !!

I guess it is kinda cool to see and it doesn’t get this high every year but when I walk along the banks all I think about is “who is going to clean this mess up” ?  Is this a sign I am getting old ?

Ok all kidding aside this is a hell of a lot of water flowing thru here, nothing like the Japanese Tsunami but still  really impressive to witness, my son got quite a few shots of it and of course I was too lazy to carry my camera with me so I guess you will have to just take my word for it.

I did go down the other day and got some shots with the trees that are usually way up on the bank but were partially submerged and made for a rather interesting comp. The river was covered in fog and it made for a great b&w conversion.

Maybe tomorrow I will actually carry my camera down there and get some pics to share with you  or I can just rely on my son to do the heavy lifting a let him take care of his old man 😉

Well anyway I hope you have a great weekend and for best viewing you can click on the image for the bigger size !!








8 thoughts on ““Flooded tree on the Ohio River”

  1. Howard Grill

    The Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers often flood here, but generally nothing like that! The Mon (or is it the Allegheny) has closed part of the Parkway here because of flooding today (my kid was almost late to take the SAT’s because of it). But I have not seen trees underwater or garbage strewn about because of flooding.


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