“Waterfall Abstract”

I just returned form Clifty Falls State Park hoping to have acquired  my first card full of early wildflowers only to be relegated to my truck the entire time I was there !  Heavy rain and wind moved thru so I guess tomorrow will have to be opening day.

The good thing about all this rain is the moisture is great for the waterfalls that surround Madison Indiana and  make for some wonderful photographic subjects. The Park and  surrounding area I live in is lined with canyons and gorges that seem to have a waterfall at the back of almost every one of them.  Some of these falls may be only ten feet high and others are 80 feet or taller, and this is definitely the best time of year to view them,  spring is the monsoon season in Southern Indiana and this year it is especially wet !

There are 20+ Falls in this area that I would consider a major attraction it’s just too bad that they have not been developed for the public to view, the Falls in Clifty are the exception, but there are many more in Jefferson County that would rival Clifty in size and beauty!

I understand the logistics of developing them all into a tourist attraction would be quite an undertaking but the fact that no one has envisioned this as a major attraction for tourism really strikes me as being short sighted especially with the shape of the economy today, this would definitely separate Madison from all the other Regional tourist destinations.

Maybe someday someone will take the initiative and at least study the feasibility of using the vast amount of natural resources that we are so blessed to have in our local community and find a way for us all to benefit from it.

Well enough from the soapbox, here is an image from the the platform overlooking Little Clifty Falls, I thought this falls had a neat abstract look to it as the water flowed over the edge, I converted it to b&w and added a cool filter to it for a cold steel look.

Hope you enjoy the image and thanks for stopping by !!



14 thoughts on ““Waterfall Abstract”

  1. Jim

    Hunh, with Madison being so highly tuned into any possible angle to attract tourists, I’m surprised, too, that they haven’t capitalized on the falls.

  2. Mark

    I really like the cold steel toning to this Bernie. Clifty is only about a 6 hour drive for me, I should get down there someday.

  3. sggphoto

    Hello Bernie. I just found my way here from Tom Whelan’s blog. I really like this shot. Water really appeals to me and I like your closeup take on this waterfall. Nice job. I just did something very similar, so it was quite a surprise to happen upon this.


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