“Spring Beauties”

Well it looks like the spring wildflower season is coming to a close and even though I did get a few nice images all in all this season has been one of the worst I have ever experienced. From the early season hard freezes with snow to the last couple weeks of severe weather with high winds as an almost daily occurrence it just hasn’t been a  stellar spring !!

I may try to get out tomorrow but after that it doesn’t look like anything else but Wild Columbines is left to bloom, and with this wind it would be almost impossible to get any shots of them at all, hopefully the weather will warm and maybe I can start shooting some of the early summer wildflowers that also grow in a great abundance in the Madison Indiana area.

But I still have a few images to share and today’s subject is Spring Beauty, according to Wikipedia

Claytonia virginica, the Eastern spring beauty, Virginia spring beauty, or fairy-spuds, is a flowering plant in the family Portulacaceae, native to eastern North America. It is found in moist woods and clearings. It is a trailing plant growing to 5-40 cm long. The leaves are slender lanceolate, 3-14 cm long and 5-13 mm broad, with a 6-20 cm long petiole. The flowers are 7-14 mm diameter, with five pale pink or white (rarely yellow) petals, flowering is between March and May. Its scientific name honors Colonial Virginia botanist John Clayton (1694–1773).

I shot this beautiful little flower at Clifty Falls State Park in Southern Indiana, they were one flower along with the Violets that seemed to have thrived in the cold wet spring that we experienced this year, it always seems when one species struggles during the spring another one takes its spot for a great bloom…it just figures these were two flowers I wasn’t that crazy about !!

Well thanks for stopping by and taking a look , sorry I couldn’t share the real beauty of the spring bloom this year but with nature you just never know what is going to happen, for best view click on the image !!



2 thoughts on ““Spring Beauties”

  1. montucky

    They are very pretty little flowers! They have more pink than the ones we have here. Ours haven’t even begun to bloom yet and our other wildflowers are just starting to bloom. What a difference between our areas!

  2. MDW

    Glad you’ve been able to get out to the woods and shoot some nice wildflowers.

    The weather here has been terrible this Spring too. We already have had double the normal amount of rainfall for April and the forecast is for rain and high winds all next week. It was snowing just the other day!

    I’ve written off April and have my sites set on getting outdoors sometime in May.



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