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West Street Art Center

I thought I might share a hidden treasure from here in Madison Indiana, a friend of mine has steadily been building  quite a reputation  with his West Street Art Center, the gallery has been hosting artists from all over the region  and the shows he has promoted have been a wonderful success for artists that grace the walls of this unique and beautiful facility.

Peter Ellis is the owner operator and in his short stint as the gallery curator he has brought a diverse  mix of mediums to the people of Madison and the surrounding area that might not have had a venue  within our community.

The lists of Artists that he has hosted in his gallery is as fine as any gallery in Indiana and the Region from Lawrence Rudolech, Robert Saueressig and Richard James to Leticia Bajuyo  all  of these wonderful artists have shown their work at the West Street Art Center.

I had a great night not to long ago shooting Richard James show, Richards work is unique and thought provoking and made for wonderful subjects to photograph, hopefully I was able to capture the beauty of his work and convey it here for you to enjoy.

The West Street Art Center will be holding many more events in the coming months and I will try to keep you up to date on the times and Artists that will be profiled and maybe if you live in the region you can make your way to this unique gallery for an event.

The images I have showcased here came from Richard James show, thanks for stopping by and taking a look.



“Madison Indiana Chautauqua of the Arts”

It’s going to be a really big weekend here in Madison Indiana. It is time for the annual Chautauqua of the Arts, which will be celebrating it’s 41th year of exhibiting fine art.

The Madison Chautauqua features artwork that is handmade and individually designed by the artist. Come and see the beautiful paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, weaving, folk art, jewelry,  wood, baskets, clay, glass, paper, leather and wearable art!

You will also find a wonderful array of ethnic foods that line the waterfront along with music and other performance artists.

You can also stroll the tree lines streets to visit and view the beautiful Architecture that makes Madison one of the most celebrated National Historic sites.

And while you are in town you can also stop by my studio and view some of my work at 201 West Main Street, is that a plug or what !!

Seriously the weather looks to be great and the town definitely puts on a show it is really worth the drive if you are close..Hope to see you here !!



“Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

Thought I might share another photo, this time a wildflower from early spring, early spring wildflowers seems like an eternity ago now but here it goes anyway. I shot this beautiful little wildflower in Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana along one of the trails that crisscross the park.

Blue Eyed Mary’s are one of my favorite wildflowers to shoot because of the beautiful blue color and also the small delicate structure of the plant make it a great subject as well. These wonderful wildflowers can usually be found in early spring along rocky creek bottoms and along gently sloping hillsides, they are very easy to miss as you hike the woodlots and canyon floors because of the very small size of this plant but once you find them their color alone makes up for their size.

This particular subject’s bloom was a bit larger then a pea  and not an easy subject to photograph but after a little work I finally was able to bring out all the structure and color in this beautiful subject.

So if you ever get up to Clifty falls in the spring take the time to hunt for this little gem you will be glad you did, thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and as always click on the image for best viewing !!






“Madison Indiana Photography”

It has been a very long time since I posted on this site, a little more than four months,and it’s not I have given up on this blog it’s just that I stared another one for my portrait business and that my side of my photography has become so busy I just didn’t have the time to keep up with it.

I always say I am going to to spend more time here but it never happens so I won’t say it lol. But at least today I am going to post something new, the bad thing everything I have that is new is portrait oriented, so I guess I will just post something from one of my recent sessions here in Madison Indiana just to show you what I have been up too !!

These are a few from a recent Wedding that I shot ,  it was one of those great outside Weddings where the light and all the colors worked so well together that the images came out absolutely beautiful and made for a great Wedding shoot,  these are my favorite setups !!

I can’t express how thankful I have been for all the clients and work they have given me but I really miss the other side of my photography and hopefully someday soon I can quit my job and then have the time to venture out into the woods and canyons that surround my home and capture some of the beautiful nature scenes that I love so much.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and for best viewing just click on the image.