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“Madison Indiana Weddings”

The one thing I love most about wedding photography is the hunt, and by that I mean not just the traditional family pose and whatnot, but the emotion filled image that doesn’t always come around often in other life events.

And trying to capture these images is like a hunt, you have to stake out the game and then be there when they pass thru the sights this shot my not ever happen again, so you better be ready and have a steady hand. I try my best to nail these images for the clients, I don’t always get them all, but I think I have succeeded enough now to have captured my fair share.

In this image of a wedding that I shot in Madison Indiana the ushers were having quite the time of getting the  aisle runner up and well… running, so the Bridesmaids were really enjoying the show. I  loved this shot because of the wide range of emotion it conveyed, from I am trying to take the high road and not laugh, to snickers and then the all out laugh just sealed the deal !!

These are the money shots and I believe the ones that bring back the best memories of that special day, so when you are shooting that wedding make sure you are on the hunt for these shots and it will be a great boost to your portfolio and the Brides Memory Book !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and click on the image for best viewing !







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“Madison Indiana Tourism”

Two months from now the woods and canyons that surround Madison Indiana will transform from the dark bleak environment that we have lived with for the last few months, into a display of color and fragrance that makes it hard to even believe that it is the same area that we live in.

I still believe that this part of Southeastern Indiana with it’s many waterfalls and unique geographic features is the most under utilized area for tourism in the Midwest, I have traveled and hiked some of the other destinations in the East and this area is definitely right near the top for natural beauty.

With the beautiful hardwood gorges and 25 waterfalls 30 feet or bigger, the day hiker could go afield for many days just to witness the natural geographic wonders that lie in our own backyard.

And every spring these tree lined canyons explode with a display of wildflowers that rivals even the beautiful blooms of the Great Smoky and Appalachian Mountains, the only problem is I may be the only person singing the praises of this hidden gem we live in, for me personally that might be a good thing but in terms of economic and tourism dollars it’s not so good.

Clifty Falls State Park puts on a few nice walks thru the park in the spring but the area around the park is definitely being underutilized  and some sort of  leadership from city and state government needs to step up and promote the beauty that surrounds us here in Madison.

But if local government can’t get the job rolling maybe it’s time for the people in the private sector to take it into their hands and get the ball rolling and then maybe it would get noticed by someone higher up in the food chain and then we could give an already beautiful and Historic Madison another piece in the economic game of tourism dollars !!

Thanks for listening to my rant and here are just a couple of the beautiful examples of the area we call home !


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“Mystical Stream”

I have a little time today to post so here it is, shot this in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, love the surreal feel in this and how it seems the stream travels on thru the fog.

This is the part of photography I miss, I love my portrait business here in Madison Indiana but hopefully after I retire from my job I will be able to make more time for this part of my work.  As for the coaching part Lord only knows how long I can take that part of my life, great kids and extremely talented but they can really be frustrating at times lol !!

Been hoping for a little snow this year, lots of rain and storms but no snow, of course when we get closer to the wildflower season I am sure it will get a lot colder with a ton of snow…never fails !!

Hope you enjoy the image and thanks again for stopping by and taking a look, and make sure you click on the image for best result.





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Madison Indiana Photography

I find it harder and harder to post to this blog anymore  or any of my blogs for that matter, business has been great with the portrait part of my photography but the part I miss the most is the nature side. But that is the side that pays the bills, so I guess I better be careful what I wish for lol !!

Portrait photography has actually been wonderful to do so far, I haven’t ran into that so called Bridezilla or meddling mother yet so I can’t complain too much on that front it’s just being able to spend all the quality time I used to get outside has all but dried up. It doesn’t help that I am still working at the store or that I am still coaching basketball either, but the good thing is I get a little closer everyday to giving up my job I have been at for 33 years and when that happens things should really up time wise for me in a big way !!

I really miss my time in the Smoky mountains, haven’t been on a shooting trip down there for over a year now, maybe if I get caught up this spring I  might get down there for a shoot.

But like I said earlier the portrait part of my photography is doing great and all my clients have been great to work with, I went from 8 weddings last year to already booking 11 for this year and waiting to hear from three more and it’s only January. I would like to be able to do more Senior Pics and it’s getting better this year, and the family and kid sessions are booking up quite well.

So I am very thankful for all my clients and I hope my business keeps growing I just hope to be able to spend a little more time in all the beautiful canyons and gorges that surround my hometown here in Madison Indiana and trip or two down to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park would be pretty nice as well.

Thanks for stopping by and here is a recent example of the work I am doing now, hope you like the image and click on it for a better view !




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