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“Fog along the Ohio”

Trying to keep up with my postings so I dug out a file from last fall.  I shot this image along the river walk in Madison Indiana, the city has put in a wonderful river walk along the shore of the Ohio River which has become quite an attraction for both visitors and inhabitants of Southeastern Indiana.  Not only is it a great place to walk, run or bike, but just a stroll down the brick laid walkway is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

The walk overlooks the river and has many places to stop and enjoy the sights and sounds of this Historic Rivertown. I shot this image of these beautiful old trees as the mid morning fog began to burn off one day last fall, I thought a black & white conversion was a natural choice for this image because of the fog and tonal values in the trees.

Living on the river gives you a unique opportunity to shoot images with fog as a subject, there are so many mornings here where the fog adds a wonderful touch to an already beautiful area, which just makes this area all that more attractive to photograph in.

If you get a chance to stop by Madison don’t forget to visit the river walk or many of the other great places to see here in this beautiful part of the Midwest.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look and be sure to click on the image for best viewing.







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“Madison Indiana Heritage Trail”

Getting out of my truck I could hear the ghostly wail of a barges fog horn somewhere in the distance churning down the fog shrouded Ohio River, I walked along an abandoned railroad track, camera equipment in tow looking for something that would catch my eye and give me a photographic opportunity.

As the train track veered away from me and led up a steep incline into a tree lined near vertical gorge I  traveled down and under the track and peered into  a incredible pre-civil war railroad bridge that spans Crooked Creek and runs thru Madison Indiana.  The railroad track that travels over the bridge cuts thru what at the time was one of the steepest railroad inclines in the United States, built in the 1840’s the tracks lead to North Madison and beyond and was a important route for goods to be transported to and from the Ohio River.

From inside the barrel of the bridge I shoot a few images looking out into the rising sun.I resume my hike,this time crossing a beautiful natural scene.A small wetland lies beside the trail,offering a stark contrast to the tree lined canyons surrounding an almost swamp-like micro-environment parallels the tail,giving the hiker a different sight to enjoy.

Once again filling my cards with images I then began to scout the area looking for more scenes, at this point I could follow the trail up the steep paved walk to the hilltop and onto the Historic Madison State Hospital grounds or stay on flat ground and wander the bottoms looking for something else to photograph. Being a little lazy I choice the easiest path and kept to the bottoms , as I explored more of the trail I came across another beautiful Historical architectural prize, this time another stone bridge emerged for the wooded bottoms and gave me another great subject to photograph.

As the sun climbed higher into the sky and the temperature climbed as well I traveled back to my truck to escape the heat and view the images I had captured that morning, looking back on that day I realized once again what an amazing area I live in,  Historic Madison with it’s wonderful architecture , the natural beauty of Jefferson County and all the canyons with their waterfalls and now another prized possession is the Heritage Trail.

The Heritage Trail is a trail connecting Madison and North Madison with a trail for walkers,hikers,runners and bike riders for more info….

Heritage Trail Conservancy

The Heritage Trail is just another part of the beautiful natural and man-made wonders that I have the privilege to enjoy here in my hometown and when you travel to Madison be sure you take the time to enjoy these areas as well, thanks for stopping by and taking a look, and for better viewing click on the images.


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