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“Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

It has been an incredible show so far, best wildflower bloom I have seen in at least five years, Clifty Falls State Park has been putting on show the last few days that don’t come around often.  I spent yesterday evening in the gorge at Clifty Falls  and have never seen so many varieties blooming at once and the  colors are so vibrant I can’t begin to describe them !!

The ground was virtually covered in Blue-Eyed Marys and Virginia Bluebells, and in between Wild Phlox and false Rue Anemone added a great contrast to the vivid colors.  I have been able to really get a lot of great shots this year, hopefully this trend will continue  this spring !!

I think the peak is right now and probably after this weekend things will go downhill fast, so if you want to see the show this weekend should be your best bet !!

Here are some more shots from Southern Indiana and Clifty I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did in capturing their beauty , thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!



Blue-Eyed Mary

                                                                                                                                                                      Virginia Bluebell
















Madison Indiana Photography

Thought I might share another photo, this time a wildflower from early spring, early spring wildflowers seems like an eternity ago now but here it goes anyway. I shot this beautiful little wildflower in Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana along one of the trails that crisscross the park.

Blue Eyed Mary’s are one of my favorite wildflowers to shoot because of the beautiful blue color and also the small delicate structure of the plant make it a great subject as well. These wonderful wildflowers can usually be found in early spring along rocky creek bottoms and along gently sloping hillsides, they are very easy to miss as you hike the woodlots and canyon floors because of the very small size of this plant but once you find them their color alone makes up for their size.

This particular subject’s bloom was a bit larger then a pea  and…

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“Wildflowers..Madison Indiana”

The wildflowers are still blooming fast ans furious here in Madison Indiana, just about every early species is in full bloom, including Virginia Bluebell, Wild Phlox and Squirrel Corn  all pictured here. The weather has been outstanding and the bloom is amazing the only foreseeable problem has been a lack of moisture and the speed of which the bloom has been progressing.

I can see most of the early bloom past peak by next week and then the later flowers blooming thru the next couple of weeks and then it will probably be gone, usually by that time the early blooms would be peaking, so it looks like the bloom is running a couple weeks ahead of schedule.  I can’t control that just hopefully be out in the woods when it is at it’s peak !!!

Here are three different wildflower images I got earlier today all three are peaking as we speak and hopefully I will be able to get a  few more shots of them thru the weekend, there is heavy rain in the forecast which would actually help some and keep the blooms from drying out.

Clifty Falls is ablaze right now with all the beautiful color palettes that these early season wildflowers have to offer. Ina couple more weeks it will be gone so if you have the chance to hike the park now would be a great time to get out and view this beautiful display of nature before it disappears !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!


                                                                                                                                                                           Virginia Bluebell

                                                                                                                                                                            Wild Phlox



Squirrel Corn








“Clifty Falls Wildflowers”

The wildflowers are really exploding here in Madison Indiana especially at Clifty Falls State Park, it seems like every early wildflower is blooming at once making it very difficult to try and shoot just one species at a time…but I am not complaining !!

I am sharing three  of the early bloomers in the Hepatica, Rue Anemone and Bloodroot…all three are blooming profusely now and making for quite a beautiful hike thru the park. This is one of those times where i really enjoy macro photography, I have been getting some great shots and hopefully weather permitting it looks like it’s going to be a quick but potentially exceptional wildflower season here in Southern Indiana !!

Not going to spend much writing now I need to get back out and fill my cards with as many shots as possible before it all ends, thanks for stopping by and taking a look and hope to see you out in the woods and canyons here in Madison !!




                                                                                                                                                                         Rue Anemone



” Madison Indiana Wildflowers”

Finally took the camera with me yesterday evening on a hike thru Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana for some wildflower photography.

The woods are really starting to come to life with fresh spring greenery , the first subjects I found were White Trout Lily (pictured first) these great little flowers are everywhere this year and the reason for their namesake is the pattern on the leaf looks like the patterns on a trout. They are a tough specimen to photograph because of the way the bloom seems to nod over making it nearly impossible to view the stamens on this subject.

Another flower in full bloom is the Hepatica, they also have taken over the canyons and gorges of Clifty Falls with their beautiful white and blue blooms, the biggest disadvantage of shooting them is any little breeze keeps them hopping for a good while…patience is a must with these flowers.

My last image is just of the evening light enveloping the blooms of some  nondescript bush in the beautiful warmth of the early spring sunset. I tried getting out tonight but heavy thunderstorms and rain held me at bay, so tomorrow morning will be my next trip in.

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at mt images, clicking on them will get you the best results for viewing, have a great evening !!






“Madison Indiana”

Once again I thought I might share a pic from past seasons wildflower quest, today looks to be a great day to get out in the woods and see what is popping. It looks like an unseasonably warm pattern setting up for the next ten days or so, what do you want to bet we have a major cool down in their somewhere that will screw up all my efforts this spring !!

This image is a Virginia Bluebell one of my favorite wildflowers to photograph, the colors in these are fantastic, and the way the bloom droops down always makes for great  composition   Clifty Falls State Park has an abundance of this little gems the only problem with them as with most all wildflowers is the short season you have to work them.

Here in Madison Indiana the  wildflower season is starting to heat up a well as the weather so if your looking for a great place to hike or if you just would like to stroll thru a beautiful historic Rivertown why don’t you give Madison and Clifty Falls a try….you will be glad you did !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!







“Madison Indiana Photography, Sweet White Violet”

I spent another afternoon out looking for wildflowers in Clifty Falls State Park here in Madison Indiana. The weather is warm and there is plenty of moisture but the flowers still haven’t busted out yet, Hepatica and a few small Bloodroot are popping but all in all it looks to still to be a few days away.

I am starting to get busy already this year with the studio side of my photography..I already have shot a wedding, two infants a senior with another senior this weekend. So somehow I will just have to make time to get out  and shoot the wildflowers this year whether I have the time or not!!

I plan on a quick trip down to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park as well, I haven’t been down for the bloom for a couple of years so I am really looking forward to shooting in one of the most amazing places on earth to shoot wildflowers !!

I shot this beautiful little Sweet White Violet down there a few years back, the moisture on the bloom came from the nearly impenetrable fog that we hiked thru that morning along the trail to Spruce Flat Falls  in the Tremont section of the Smokies. The numbers and varieties of wildflowers that bloom in the park are too numerous and varied to go into now but rest assured if you ever get there for the bloom you will be amazed at their beauty !!

The GSMNP is the only place I would go to instead of our area here in Southern Indiana for photographing wildflowers so you know it must a pretty incredible place for me to make that statement !!

So I am hoping as the week progresses I should be able to start photographing wildflowers and if I get real lucky maybe and I can have a good year  shooting in both areas…we’ll see 😉

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look, as always click on the image for best viewing !!