“Reaching for the Light”

The warm weather and storms the last couple of days have just been a tease for what is about to break out around Madison Indiana, by the end of this month the gorges and canyons that line the Ohio River here in Southern Indiana will come alive with a rich variety of beautiful wildflowers, this area boasts one of the best displays of wildflowers in the Midwest.

One of the best places to hike and view the wildflowers is in Clifty Falls State Park, the park happens to be one of the best areas that I have photographed wildflowers and it doesn’t hurt that it is just a few miles form my front door. From the early season Bloodroot to the late blooming Wild Columbine you can’t beat Clifty or any of the other public or private lands that surround my home town for photographing these beautiful little gems.

The image I have posted I actually shot few a years back  in Clifty and I reprocessed it and thought I might post it again just to get ready for the annual bloom. I really loved how the fern unfurling seems to be reaching for the light..hence the title.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate with me this year, unlike last years horrible weather, and I will b able to get some great shots to share with you. Hope you enjoy the pic and thanks for stopping by, and click the image for best result.




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