“Madison Indiana”

Once again I thought I might share a pic from past seasons wildflower quest, today looks to be a great day to get out in the woods and see what is popping. It looks like an unseasonably warm pattern setting up for the next ten days or so, what do you want to bet we have a major cool down in their somewhere that will screw up all my efforts this spring !!

This image is a Virginia Bluebell one of my favorite wildflowers to photograph, the colors in these are fantastic, and the way the bloom droops down always makes for great  composition   Clifty Falls State Park has an abundance of this little gems the only problem with them as with most all wildflowers is the short season you have to work them.

Here in Madison Indiana the  wildflower season is starting to heat up a well as the weather so if your looking for a great place to hike or if you just would like to stroll thru a beautiful historic Rivertown why don’t you give Madison and Clifty Falls a try….you will be glad you did !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!







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