“Madison Indiana Sunset”

Thought I might share an image I shot a few years back from the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, a thunderstorm had just rolled thru and the sun was dipping under the horizon, of course I did add to the saturation a bit but the image pretty much stands on its own for realism.

Madison Indiana is a great place to live if you are a photographer, from nature to portrait and architectural to fine art, Madison pretty much has all the bases covered for a great photography experience !!

So if you  are ever looking for a place to sharpen your photographic skills give Madison a shot and enjoy all the other amenities that we have in our area, you will be glad you made the trip !!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!








2 thoughts on ““Madison Indiana Sunset”

  1. Nichole Rose

    This is a gorgeous photo! Madison is definitely a place to take great photos! My name is Nichole and I am in charge of social media at Lanthier Winery in Madison, IN. Madison is hosting a VisitMadison Summer Photo Contest through August. We would like to invite you to join in the contest as well as include Lanthier Winery in your photos. If you place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd you could win $$ through VisitMadison. Not only that, but if you will include Lanthier as part of your photos we will give you some free wine (12 bottles for first, 6 bottles for second, and 3 bottles for third). You can check out the following website for more information on the contest: http://www.visitmadison.org/summer-photo-contest.php Please call the winery at 1-800-41WINES for any questions or send us an email at info@lanthierwinery.com! Thanks and great work!


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