“Madison Indiana Fireworks”

Thought I might share a few images from the Fireworks from last Saturday Night here in Madison Indiana. It was actually still a bit too hot for me to venture out to photograph the annual fireworks in my home town but the lure of an image or two puled my from the comfort of my 72 air conditioned home out into the 100 degree early evening heat.

I wanted to try to be a little different and add something else to the regular fireworks pics, I wanted to add something of my hometown to give it a sense of scale. I started with the Old Courthouse but the fireworks were just too far away, from there I walked toward the river and came up with these shots looking down Jefferson street towards the river.

I stood in the median on Highway 421 to get these and after firing off a few I was asked kindly by the local police to move along, now what kind of trouble could little old me create standing in the middle of a busy highway cause  lol…I understood and it was no big deal they were just doing their job. But I did manage to get some cool shots from that position and these are the ones I liked best !!

Shooting the fireworks were a blast but it just wasn’t the fireworks that made for the great shots , shooting at night can be very rewarding for you if use long exposures , a  sturdy tripod and a remote release, so if your looking for something new to add to your photography portfolio try shooting at night !!

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“Snowstorm Hits Madison Indiana”

Yep you heard it right  a snowstorm has hit Southern Indiana with bone chilling winds, knee deep snow and temps that would freeze even the hardiest soul. The storm has become so bad that even the annual Madison Regatta has been cancelled due to the river being frozen solid, if you don’t believe me just step outside and take a look for yourself !!

Okay now that I have that out of my system I can honestly say BRING ON WINTER !!! …Well as long as it doesn’t get too cold but hell right now a foot of snow and sub freezing temps would send a tingle down my leg.

The annual Madison Indiana Regatta is this weekend and chances are that one less person will be attending, mainly me, just too hot and actually if it was cooler I would still be stuck behind my monitor trying to catch up on the weddings I have shot so far this year. I still might sneak away for a drink or two with friends just to keep from going stir crazy here in my office though 😉

But on the positive side  it’s kinda cool here in my studio, just hate to open  up the Duke Energy bill in a few weeks, probably have to get a job just to pay this months bill off !!

Well I guess it’s back to editing more images, hopefully everyone attending the Regatta this weekend will dress accordingly I know how tough these frigid temps can be on you !!




“Madison Indiana Photography”

Here is a shot from a recent session, instead of people I actually had some time to get out and shoot flowers, this doesn’t happen very much these days so I better take advantage of this. These weren’t shot at some far out wilderness destination,but actually came from my own backyard here in Madison Indiana, so if I got a little hot I could go back inside and sit in the AC for a while….I know I am soft !!

Most the flowers in my yard have pretty much bit it for the season because of the heat and lack of rain, but my coneflowers must love these type of conditions because they seem to flourish in them. Once again instead of just shooting this flower I tried to get a little more adventurous and shoot them with an artistic feel, hopefully I was able to convey that to you and you enjoyed my take on this often photographed subject.

Coneflowers are a can’t miss subject if you are into photographing flowers, they have a beautiful color and structure and are relatively close to eye level so you don’t have to kill your back bending over to photograph them. Just be mindful of your background as not to add too much cover and shoot them wide open for that artistic feel!!

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