Dark Fall

Here is another photo I shot this past fall at Clifty Falls State park near Madison Indiana. With this shot I wanted to try something a bit different with my photography and I think I got it with this one.

Usually Fall photography tends to consist of colorful and vividly striking images, but this one I wanted something a little more dark and foreboding, so I concentrated on just  the trunks of the trees beneath the foliage and stayed away from the beautiful colors that grace the trees this time of year. I also added a slight tilt shift blur to the overall image to come up with I think is a pretty cool image.

So even if you go in into a shoot thinking you have to stick with what nature and all the other photographers are shooting try thinking a little outside of the box and go after that shot that can set you apart from all the other photographers in your area.

Thanks for taking the time stop by and take a look at my blog hope you have a wonderful weekend and get out and get that shot !!


                                                                                                                                                                      fall clifty 2 2012




9 thoughts on “Dark Fall

  1. David

    Nice idea, Bernie. You are definitely thinking here. I was experimenting this past fall with cutting off the trees but never got down to just the tree trunks! And the light is special! I’m going up to the mountains tomorrow and will be thinking about this. Thanks and have a great weekend too!

  2. Mark

    This is sweet Bernie. Like you mentioned, this past fall I somewhat grew tired of the typical fall color shot. I also very much like deep black and white work such as this. I think it makes for a very interesting image to study and get lost in.


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