The Skipper brave and sure

Ok  I am sorry it was a poor attempt at humor, were not talking Gilligan’s Island, were talking Moths as in Skippers !!

Most of my macro work has been done with wildflowers and other domestic flowers but last summer I began experimenting with photographing butterflies and moths. It was a poor attempt mind you but at least I think I am heading in the right direction.

Shooting flowers is a piece of cake compared to shooting bugs and other little things that don’t comprehend what the phrase sitting still means, I know sometimes wind can be a factor for wildflowers, but things that fly off at the slightest movement can really test your photographic and mental patience.

As an example the Little Skipper I posted here only to took nearly 100 images and about a full hour to get right, I followed him way longer than he deserved, and that hour could have been spent doing something a little more concrete with my life….cutting grass or reading a book maybe.

But as you can see I think it worked out alright, except for the soar knees,ticks and frazzled nerves. It was probably a good thing I shot this little critter where no one could see me or I think I would have looked rather foolish chasing and cussing at this little guy. But after all the complaints I actually think I enjoyed myself with this new aspect of my photography….now if I can just get that tune out my head lol !!!


                                                                                                                                                                                  skipper 1 2012

8 thoughts on “The Skipper brave and sure

  1. Time spent in photography is not wasted; preferable to cutting grass. Good job on this image. You got a lovely position and blurred background, lovely detail on the Skipper itself. Keep at it.

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