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Clifty Falls Wildflowers

Downloaded some slideshow software for my portrait photography business and couldn’t resist putting together a show of images of wildflowers that I photographed at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana.

Finally the weather is changing and I won’t have to rely on  past years photographs of wildflowers  to keep my sanity I should be getting out by the first of the week and things should really be popping by then !!

Hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed capturing all of these beautiful specimens of wildflowers, if you are ever in Southern Indiana you definitely have to make a stop at Clifty Falls especially in early spring it is one the most beautiful Sate Parks in the Midwest and a must stop on your vacation list !!



Large Flowering Trillium

Any day now the canyons and woodlots that surround my home here in Madison Indiana will come alive with the annual wildflower display that welcomes spring !!

Virginia Bluebell

A light at the end of the tunnel looks like this is the last really cold night and temps here in Madison are supposed to start rising into the 60-70 degree mark the next’s time !!

Madison Indiana Wildflowers

Okay, we still don’t have spring yet, but the weatherman says it’s on it’s way.  We’ll see, I have heard this before and I am still not seeing much spring activity outside, except for my allergies…figures lol !!

Here in Madison Indiana and down in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park we are looking to be about three weeks behind the bloom so like it or not I need to be patient and just wait it out. I just hope the cold hasn’t affected the bloom much and I will be able to photograph some great wildflower displays !!

The pic I am displaying here is a Large Flowering Trillium that I shot at Clifty Falls State Park in Southern Indiana few years ago. At least I am able to keep my sanity by going back and processing and sharing old images,  hopefully it won’t be much longer before I can share some fresh images for you.


                                                                                                                                                                      Large White Trillium 3 2009






JFD Lanier Mansion

Shot last spring, the weather still hadn’t warmed here and it looks to be another week or so before I can really get out to shoot wildflowers.