Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

Ok… so I am done with sharing the spring wildflowers from here in Madison Indiana and now it’s on to my all time favorite place to photograph wildflowers and that’s The Great Smoky Mountains National park !!

You would be hard pressed to find a better place anywhere in the United States or world for that matter that has a better bloom than the Great Smoky Mountains.  With the incredible varieties of flowers that bloom in the park it is almost impossible to capture all of them in one trip, but I really enjoy trying,  so I try to head to to the places that I have success in the past.  Porters Creek, Chestnut Top and the Cover Hardwood Nature Trail have all paid off for me in the past and I always try to work these trails every spring.

Here are three flowers form that trip…Shooting Star, Foam Flower and Wild Geranium.

I will share others as I get caught up and also a great bear story as well, hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!

                                                                                                                                                                 gsmnp 2013 shooting star 1

gsmnp 2013 foam flower 1

gsmnp 2013 wild geranium  1


17 thoughts on “Great Smoky Mountains Wildflowers

  1. montucky

    Those white shooting stars are really cool! I’ve seen only a very few white ones here. The foamflower is gorgeous! We have a different species here bug I think this one is even prettier.

  2. Howard Grill

    These are really gorgeous Bernie. I really like the way the flower portion of the geranium is in focus and the shallow DOF throws everything else out of focus. It really makes that purple flower pop off the page! They are all great…..

  3. Richard Siggins

    You’ve picked some of the best wildflower trails in the park. Next time you’re down in the spring check out White Oak Sinks. It used to be a hidden gem but more and more people know about it and you’re likely to have lots of company. You won’t find it on the “official” park maps but if you google it you’ll get plenty of information.

    1. Bernie Kasper Post author

      I actually have been to White Oak Sinks a couple times Richard and very time I go I miss the bloom or something else happens….you know how that goes !!

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