Beauty in Everything…Even a Ditch

I think that is an old saying of some kind and in reality it definitely rings true, if you just get out and take a look at the world beneath your feet !!

The other day I was out driving to meet with a friend and happened to come across an old ditch along a back road in Jefferson County Indiana, just out side of Madison, driving along I noticed a long stretch of the ditch had been mowed around. Figuring the county did not want their mowers bogged down in the moister laden mess, they just mowed around it and left a long swath of growth.

With our lives been so complicated and busy most travelers would drive right past this not noticing the beauty that is intertwined in the ditch, as well I might have done the same but the more I live my life with a camera sometimes just little colors or shapes seem to stand out and catch my eye.

Thankfully on this day my camera pack and tripod were in the back and I was ready to capture some the beauty of this wonderful little flower garden that escaped the mowers blade. I counted at least seven different wildflowers along that stretch trying to capture the beauty of these little gems as I crawled along the side of the road.  I am sure I was getting quite a few strange looks from the folks who traveled that road daily, but when shooting I usually don’t notice what is happening with the onlookers who pass by.

Well here they are, five samples of the beauty that sometimes gets lost in our fast paced and hectic lives, hopefully we can take the time just to slow down and take a little closer look at the beautiful things that we miss.  Hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!



                                                                                                                                                                         Wild Bergamot 1 2013

                                                                                    Wild Bergamot



                                                                                      Helianthus 1 2013


Cardinal Flower 1 2013

                     Cardinal Flower

  Square-Stemmed Monkey Flower 1 2013  Squared-Stemmed Monkey Flower

                                                                                             Heal All 1 2013

                                                                                     Heal All




14 thoughts on “Beauty in Everything…Even a Ditch

  1. littlepinkdove

    Lovely images! Did you know that the Cardinal Flower is a protected species in the U.S? Its population is declining because it grows in moist areas and we are losing much of our wetlands to development. I read somewhere that it is illegal to pick these flowers in the wild. Perhaps this is the reason for the unusual mowing pattern near the ditch.

  2. Steve Gingold

    Well said and photographed, Bernie. There is so much beauty that even if we spent all our time pursuing it we would never exhaust the supply. Well done on appreciating a “lowly” ditch.

    1. Bernie Kasper Post author

      I am as guilty as most people Steve but lately I have really tried to slow down a bit and just stop and take a long look at things…might be my age though lol !!

  3. montucky

    The cardinal flower is sure pretty! What a deep color! We have several species of Monkey flower here, but not that particular one. I love the color!

  4. justinbrink5

    Beautifully done! I love to see that you noticed something that seemed to be neglected in some way, and by doing so, brought the beauty to us. Thanks for taking time (as silly as it might look) to respect the beauty God placed in the world 🙂

  5. Howard Grill

    Beautiful photos. And you are so right about discovering beauty in places that most do not. I tend to think about what others will think seeing me in this type of situation, so kudos for not caring and getting right down in the ditch!!!

  6. Anita Bower

    As always, I enjoy your colorful and clear photos of wildflowers. Yesterday I saw the road crew mowing the center strip of a highway that was full of Milkweed.


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