Butterflies from the BackYard

Ok… so now I am moving on from the flowers in my back yard to the reason I planted all these blooming plants, and that’s so I could hopefully do a better job in photographing butterflies this year.

Never had much luck with butterfly photography but with the cool wet summer here in Madison Indiana, which led to a profusion of blooming plants, I was able to really get out and try my hand with this very challenging aspect of macro photography.

Thankfully I have come across two really great places to photograph these little flying flowers. One is this great field not far from my home that has been planted with an incredible bounty of wildflowers by the State Highway Department and the other is even closer my backyard !! I will post pics of the wildflower field in later posts and thought I would just post pics of the butterflies in my yard for now.

The thing which has really brought the butterflies into my yard this year has been the great bloom my Butterfly Bushes have undergone.  I have never seen them bloom like this before and they have attracted everything to them Hummingbirds,Bees,Moths and many other nectar loving insects have used these bushes as a food trough  along with other insects looking for that free dinner that gets too close to its webs or claws!!

Here are a few shots of the butterfly that I have photographed the most lately and that’s the Tiger Swallowtail, it’s seems like these gentle giants have had a very good season in terms of survival and numbers and they have become my number subject so far.

I hope you enjoy the images and if you happen to be near a butterfly bush don’t be surprised if you don’t come across a few of these wonderful creatures. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!



                                                                                                                                                                            butter 1 2013

butterfly 2 2013

butter 1 2013


10 thoughts on “Butterflies from the BackYard

  1. Steve Gingold

    Super. We have had so few butterflies in the yard and locally this year. I have seen only a few Swallowtails and not a single Monarch which is a big worry ecologically. I do hope there is a rebound next year but this is worrying for sure. I am glad to hear that you have seen a good crop, Bernie.

    1. Bernie Kasper Post author

      I have seen very few Monarchs as well, biologist at the Refugee said that the mowing of all the milkweed is putting a hit on them, they are trying to encourage landowners and highway departments to let them grow just for that reason.

  2. cspindler

    Beautiful captures. I had the good fortune of being at my sister’s home in Virginia when the azaleas were in bloom. I wandered around her yard for hours getting pictures of Tiger Swallowtails and Bumblebees. So happy to have digital photography to have the instant gratification (and or correction) of our pictures. Love macro photography. All are great but I love the last! Thanks for stopping by my Focus post!

  3. Anita Bower

    I like these soft yet detailed images–the butterfly is detailed. Lovely colors and compositions. Your Butterfly Bush keeps its flowers better than does mine. My entomologist friend tells me Butterfly Bushes are non-natives that can threaten to spread.

  4. tomwhelan

    Lovely images. The last one is a Giant Swallowtail – they are a southern species and a find in my area. They’ve started to appear in fall around here in the last three or four years, before that they were extremely rare.


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