Winter shots at Night

I thought I might share a couple more shots from an earlier snowfall, even though we are getting snow today again, these came from downtown Madison Indiana and I captured these after the sun went down.

I really enjoy mixing up my photography and going out in the dark is a sure way to test your photographic skills. Almost every image I get after dark is  taken on tripod, the exposures are just way too long to do it any other way, plus it’s nice to keep my hands warm in my pockets lol !!

I love capturing the warm colors made by the light trails from the car lights and how they contrast against the cool tones of the snow and evening light.

And the other image was just an alley that I converted to black and white and added a tilt-shift blur to. I thought the footprints leading off into the distance added a interesting touch.

So here a couple shots of the winter we are in the middle of and this weekend I am sure I will be posting more to the blog. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look !!


                                                                                                                                                                   madison night snow 1 2013




madison night snow 3 2013


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