Indiana Winter

I give up winter has won and I am crying uncle, please someone just end it now and let us head straight into spring.  It has been a long, cold and snowy winter and I haven’t even begun to pay the heating bills yet on the last blast and now we are heading into another “Polar Vortex” !!!

So after all this whining about winter let me share with you the great thing about winter and that is winter photography. We have had an abundance of snow this year and it has made for some great compositions that only snow can give you. Winter landscapes make for great black and white conversions and also you have wonderful blue bird sky’s that you only get this time of year !!

I took a hike the other day right after a small snow event looking for comps with moving water or any other type of snow and water scene that I was hoping to capture this winter. I hiked into a small canyon that led into the Ohio River near Madison Indiana and was able to not only capture a small cascade with nice flow over it by I photographed the flooded tributary leading into the river as well.

Even though I do love photographing these wonderful scenes hiking in such conditions are uncomfortable at best and can be downright dangerous if you’re not equipped to deal with it. Even though I was ready for the tough conditions I was very thankful when I got back into my truck and cranked up the heat to the blast furnace setting on the dashboard lol !!

Hopefully with every day the sun shines a little longer and we get closer to the first signs of spring so in the meantime get bundled up and get out and capture a few of the beautiful scenes that winter is serving up right now !!



                                                                                                                                                    ringwald falls 1 2014

bee camp 1 2014


7 thoughts on “Indiana Winter

  1. dhphotosite

    Super images! Winter truly does offer great photographic opportunities…although one must be prepared for such outings. Good clothing and the furnace setting in the vehicle LOL!

  2. alesiablogs

    Hey Bernie,
    Your photos are awesome too! I admire a blog that has such gorgeous photography. My blog is a mixed bag. I love to write and as I have time and can not really formulate a post- I then share photography. Not a professional like you! I will say I have done a bit of work on my genealogy and our ancestors come from around your neck of the woods. take care, Alesia PS : I am following you with a billion others now! : )

  3. Anita Bower

    I admire you for getting out there and taking pictures. Brrrrr………
    I especially like the second image, with the snow lining the tree trunks, and the shadows and light on the frozen water.

  4. Steve Gingold

    It’s been a bit of a disappointment here this year, Bernie. Like you, at this point I am ready for that elusive “Early Spring”. I also like the second image quite a bit. The circles in the ice and the tilted trees make for an interesting view.

  5. Mark

    Count me in the group for that second photo Bernie. Nicely composed, and very interesting for your eyes to explore. It is a bit of a catch 22 – we have some beautiful scenes created this winter, but it sure does make it hard to get out and enjoy them thoroughly. Keep warm!


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