Frozen Light

Took a quick hike at Clifty Falls State Park here in Madison Indiana to look for any signs of spring and much to my dismay I didn’t even come across a stray bud or any other emergent foliage in the woods.  My biggest concern is that we will have a few days of great weather and then winter will make another brutal run at us and push the wildflower bloom back all over again !!

So in the meantime I thought I might share some images I captured one very cold and frosty morning on the Ohio River just to the east of Madison.  We were right in the middle of the worst cold snap our part of the country has had in years, and the Ohio River had almost completely frozen over this morning, and even though temps were bottoming out the warm light made a great contrast with the cold ice covering the river.

I found a great deadfall to add some interest to the scene and then when the light busted thru the frozen mist that hung over the river everything came into place to make for a great series of images that morning !!

Even though I couldn’t stand to be outside in such conditions the light and all the other elements that came together made for a wonderful experience on the river that morning !! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my photography I hope you enjoyed it.


                                                                                                                                                                   ice sunrise 4 2014

ice sunrise 1 2014







4 thoughts on “Frozen Light

  1. Howard Grill

    Beautiful images and really a tribute to your fortitude that you got out to shoot in that weather. I don’t live too far away and damn it was cold, really cold!!!!!


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