Large Flowering Trillium| Great Smoky Mountains National Park

OK …I can’t take it anymore I am posting a image of a wildflower just hoping for some kinda of karma and maybe winter will finally get pushed out of Madison Indiana once and for all. Reason being is I woke up to more cold temps and a fresh blanket of snow again today, last year at this time I was already photographing blood root here at Clifty Falls State Park and all the other wildflowers were getting ready to put on a show, but not this year !!

I was reading another photographers blog when I came across a post by Howard Grill  

Springs A Comin‘ | Motivation – Howard Grill

And it did motivate me lol !!

So just for my sanity here is a beautiful Trillium that I photographed in the GSMNP  a couple years back, I found it on the Cucumber Gap Trail and liked how it was isolated away from the other plants and was well shadowed in amongst a fallen tree.  Cucumber Gap is becoming one of my favorite trails in the park because of the wonderful array of wildflowers and it is also a fairly easy and less crowded trail to hike.

Hopefully I will  be able to spend some time at the park this year especially if they get spring weather a little earlier than we do, I will definitely high tail it down there for a shoot and some wonderful warm weather which seems like something I haven’t experienced in quite some time now. Thanks for stopping by and taking  a look at my photography !!


                                                                                                                                   large flowering trillium gsmnp 1



9 thoughts on “Large Flowering Trillium| Great Smoky Mountains National Park

  1. Howard Grill

    That is certainly one beautifully done image Bernie!! Thanks for the mention….it is very much appreciated. Unfrotunately, that post failed to warm down the weather for either one of us so I have one more attempt at appeasing the weather gods that I think I scheduled for tomorrow!

  2. Steve Gingold

    We’re all feeling antsy for Spring, Bernie and Howard. I’m a bit overdue for a warm us up post on the blog too. Maybe I’ll share some flowers tomorrow.
    This is outstanding, Bernie. The whites are perfectly exposed and the composition has that bloom offered up for admiration.

  3. Mark

    I really like this portrait Bernie. Many people who probably do not photograph flowers don’t realize what a challenge it can be to find one this nice. I also like the simplicity the black background brings.

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