Clifty Falls Wildflowers | Madison Indiana

Rue Anemone is another example of a beautiful little wildflower that grows at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana according to Wikipedia..

T. thalictroides is a hairless plant growing from tuberous roots, with upright 10-30 cm tall, stems which end with flowers. The basal leaves have 10 to 30 cm long petioles and leaf blades that are 2×-ternately compound. The leaflets are widely rounded in shape and the ends are three lobed.

It flowers in early spring and the flowers are borne singularly, or in umbel-like inflorescences with 3 to 6 flowers. The flowers have short stems that hold the fully opened flowers above the foliage. The involucral bracts are 3-foliolate, and shaped like the leaves. The showy rounded flowers have many yellow stamens in the middle, and a cup of white to pinkish-lavender sepals.

In late spring, 3 to 4.5 mm long, ovoid to fusiform shaped fruits called achenes are released. The green achenes have 8 to 10 prominent veins and become dark brown when ripe

Originally described as Anemone thalictroides by Linnaeus in 1753. It was transferred to a new, monospecific genus, Anemonella, by Édouard Spach in 1839.[2] Although similar to plants in the genus Thalictrum, Sprach considered the diminutive size, umbelliform inflorescence, and tuberous roots of this species to be distinctive enough to designate a new genus. JRB Boivin considered this distinction suspect, and transferred the species to the genus Thalictrum in 1957.[3] Molecular evidence supports the placement of the species within Thalictrum,[4] and this placement is accepted by several modern treatments.

Wildflower photography isn’t that bad it is the wildflower identification that is really tough to me, you wouldn’t believe how many photographs I have taken only to have to change the title later because I was wrong on the id !!

There is a vast amount of wonderful resources out there to help with your identification of the different species and it has helped me tremendously but for now I will leave that part of wildflowers to the experts lol !!

So here are a couple examples of the Rue Anemone, I hope, and if I am wrong feel free to correct me and don’t forget to click on the image to view the detail in the bloom !!


rue anonme 1 2014




rue anonme 5 2014

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