Trout Lily | Clifty Falls State Park

Here are a couple shots of another example of one of the many beautiful wildflowers that line the canyons and gorges of Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana. This great little flower is the Trout Lily named for the patterns on the leafs of the plant that resemble the patterns on a trout and is not the easiest wildflower to photograph because of the nodding nature of the bloom.

Since I am not a expert on the science of flowers I will leave the description this time to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center…

A pair of brownish-mottled leaves sheath the base of a stalk that bears a solitary, nodding flower, yellow inside, bronzy outside. This colony-forming perennial sends up two, 3-6 in., elliptic, maroon-mottled leaves and a slightly taller stalk bearing a single, nodding, yellow flower. Petals and sepals are bent backwards exposing six brown stamens. Single-leaved, non-flowering plants also occur, either too young or too crowded to flower.

Recognized by its brown-mottled leaves, this is one of our most common spring ephemeral wildflowers, and it is found in sizable colonies. The common name (Dogtooth Violet) refers to the toothlike shape of the white underground bulb. The name Trout Lily (a more suitable name since the flower is not a Violet) refers to the similarity between the leaf markings and those of the brown or brook trout. The White Dogtooth Violet (E. albidum) has narrow, mottled leaves and white, bell-shaped flowers, often tinged with lavender on the outside. It is found from southern Ontario to Georgia, west to Kentucky, Missouri, and Oklahoma, and north to Minnesota. Minnesota Adders Tongue (E. propullans), found only in Minnesota, has pink flowers and produces a small bulb midway up the stem.

So here are a couple images that I captured of the Trout Lily hopefully it this post will give you enough info to be able to hike and enjoy these beautiful little wildflowers !!



trouy lily 1 clifty falls state park madison indiana



trouy lily 2 clifty falls state park madison indiana








12 thoughts on “Trout Lily | Clifty Falls State Park

  1. Beautiful photos! I find it strange and interesting that they are so much similar to the Glacier Lily that we have in these parts. I wonder why the differences and why there aren’t both together.

  2. I have found a small patch of Trout lilies in Ellenburger park in Irvington, (Indianapolis), are these native to Indiana?

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