Blue-Eyed Mary | Madison Indiana

Here are a couple more shots of one of the many varieties  of wildflowers that cover the landscape here in Southern Indiana, the Blue-Eyed Mary is another one of the beautiful blue colored wildflowers that are a favorite to view and photograph !!

According to Wikipedia…

Collinsia parviflora is a species of flowering plant in the Plantaginaceae known by the common names maiden blue eyed Mary and small-flowered collinsia. This tiny wildflower is a common plant throughout much of western and northern North America, where it grows in moist, shady mountain forests. This is an annual plant with a spindly reddish stem and narrow lance-shaped green leaves with edges that curl under. The minuscule flowers grow singly or in loose clusters of several. Each flower has five lobes, the lower deep blue to purple and the upper white. The whole corolla is only a few millimeters across.

I  find Clifty Falls State Park is a favorite place to find them in mass colonies along the bottom part of trail 8 leading down onto the gorge, this specimen  grows along rocky stream beds and along old road beds as well.

They are just another one of the great wildflowers that grow here and are a fantastic subject to capture, hope you enjoy the pics and thanks for taking a look !!



blue eyed mary 2 2014 clifty falls state park madison indiana



blue eyed mary 1 2014 clifty falls state park madison indiana




11 thoughts on “Blue-Eyed Mary | Madison Indiana

  1. Howard Grill

    Beautiful shots Bernie. It is particularly nice to see these as I had the opportunity to photograph a field of these a few weeks back….and I really found it difficult to bring out the feel of a field of them in a photo. But these are fantastic!

  2. Ana Perry

    I love Madison Indiana, I’ve been to Clifty more times than I can remember 🙂 Oddly, I don’t remember flowers, I was there for the falls.


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