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Virginia Bluebells / Clifty Falls State Park Wildflowers

Changing up a bit here and I think I will start posting images from what is my favorite subject to photograph and that is wildflowers. And I will share them from one of my favorite spots to photograph at Clifty Falls State Park near Madison Indiana.

Clifty has an incredibly diverse amount of wildflowers and some of the finest displays in the midwest. If you get a chance to visit in mid to late April I would definitely make the trip I don’t think you would be disappointed not only are the wildflowers worth the trip but hiking in the park is second to none.

The subject I am sharing today is also one of my favorites and that is the Virginia Bluebell.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mertensia virginica (common names Virginia bluebell, Virginia cowslip, lungwort oysterleaf, Roanoke bells) is a spring ephemeral plant with bell-shaped sky-blue flowers, native to eastern North America.

Virginia bluebell has rounded and gray-green leaves, borne on stems up to 24 in (60 cm) tall. They are petiolate at the bottom of the flower stem and sessile at the top.

Flowerbuds are pink. Flowers have five petals fused into a tube, five stamens, and a central pistil (carpel). They are borne in mid-spring in nodding spiral-shaped cymes at the end of arched stems. Flowers are usually blue, but white or pink flowers occur rarely.

The stamens and stigma are spaced too far apart for self-fertilization. The flower can be pollinated by bumblebees but, due to its funnel shape bumblebees must hover, making the bumblebee a rare pollinator. Butterflies are the most common pollinators because they can easily perch on the edges and still enjoy the nectar.

In early summer, each fertilized flower produces four seeds within wrinkled nuts, and the plant goes dormant till the next spring.

Plants are hardy to hardiness zone 3: −40 °C (−40 °F).

That is the detailed description which I am too lazy to come up with myself and I will share one of my original images I captured earlier this spring.

Hope you enjoy the info and image and thanks for taking the time to stop by and take a look.


virginia bluebells 1 2015


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  1. What colors! I just love these; totally new to me, thanks!

    Comment by Maria F. | June 12, 2015 | Reply

  2. Gorgeous! Not hard to see why those are a favorite! Your photo treats them very well!

    Comment by montucky | June 13, 2015 | Reply

  3. Lovely shot of a beautiful flower, Bernie. I just planted one in my woods in hopes of having it to photograph next spring.

    Comment by Steve Gingold | June 13, 2015 | Reply

  4. you got the blue color. very tricky to get that. nice job.

    Comment by debra fadely | June 13, 2015 | Reply

  5. so colorful and gorgeous 🙂

    Comment by joshi daniel | June 18, 2015 | Reply

  6. Delightful that you photographed one with both colors.

    Comment by Anita Bower | June 20, 2015 | Reply

  7. Lovely image – I love bluebells, I missed them this year.

    Comment by tomwhelan | August 13, 2015 | Reply

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